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    It is difficult to find a girl who is completely satisfied with her appearance. Those who have small eyes, want them to do more, blonde certainly want to be burning brunettes. All the time I want a change. But it seems that girls with large round eyes from nature can want? After all, they already have a generous gift. But here, there is a desire for change. They want to make them almond-shaped or elongated. How to do it?

    The main principles of makeup

    Create a simple makeup to increase the size of the eyes is easy, for this there are secrets of visage. But the main problem of the owners of large eyes is the convex orbit. Because of this, the effect of "wet" eyes is created.

    The main principle of makeup is the use of a black pencil. He will emphasize the drama and give extravagance. In addition, do not be afraid to dye your eyelashes with black ink. It is believed that large eyes should be carefully painted with mascara. But it is not. It is required to carefully paint the eyelashes to create a shadow.

    When creating any make-up it is important to choose the right shades of cosmetics. Be based on a shade of hair and eyes.

    Another nuance - the correct application of the shadow. For example, for large eyes you want to darken specific areas of the eyelids. We will deal with the key rules of makeup and its varieties.

    Makeup preparation

    When preparing for makeup, it is important to refresh your eyes with thermal water. And if in the morning there is fatigue in the eyes or bags, then you need a special compress. An excellent tool at all times was tea.

    Makeup for round eyes

    After the compress and the complex of water procedures, it is required to apply the cream on the area around the eyes and begin the process of creating makeup. In addition, you can use concealer or masking agent for this purpose.

    How to make almond eyes

    Owners of round orbits are interested in the question of how to make almond-shaped eyes. So, let's begin. Based on the color type, select the required tones for shadows, mascaras and pencils:

    After selecting the color of the shadows, paint the brightest all moving eyelids. This creates a base for make-up;
    a darker shade paint the eye, sharpening the color on the outer corners.This helps to slightly extend the angle of the eye, creating an oblong shape. In the role of the base, take matte shadows, and to make an “angular” triangle - with mother of pearl;
    using the same color of the shadows, place the eyelid on the bottom. The border is important to shade near the outer corner. The resulting "triangle" creates the desired almond-shaped effect;
    Carefully create arrows using a contour pencil. Apply a thin arrow along the lash line on top of your eye and move a little beyond the outside corner. Almond eyes are achieved if a line is made thicker around the outside corner;

    Girls always strive to change their appearance, no matter how ideal it is. Thus, round-shaped eyes are transformed into almond-shaped by using special techniques.

    paint eyelashes lengthening mascara, but only the top. Bottom should be left not painted, so you get rid of excess volume.

    Makeup for brown eyes

    To create a make-up for round brown eyes, you will also need to find the appropriate shadow. Their choice depends on the color of the curls. Step-by-step strategy:

    It is important to even out the skin tone on the face. For this, the face is lubricated with a base and powder.Near the eyes, the zone is clarified to the maximum using a mower;
    on the upper eyelid it is required to apply one-color shadows throughout the zone. Suitable shade beige, roses, peach, pastel. It depends on the color of the skin. If the eyes are set wide, then the shadows should touch the bridge of the nose. This visually brings them together;

    Makeup for round eyes

    now create arrows. There are different options. The form is selected on the basis of your image. Arrows are drawn with eyeliner or contour;
    it was the turn of bright tones. If you have a proportional interval between the eyes, then the line on the bend of the eyelid from above is enough. The face is required to be uniformly joined by feathering. If the eyes are set wide, it is important to put cosmetics on the outer corner, creating a semicircle. Close eyes set apart by staining the inner corner;
    mascara applied in a single layer.

    Makeup for blue eyes

    There is nothing easier than makeup for blue eyes. Beautiful shape and nice color. But in reality, with the wrong selection of cosmetics and failure to comply with the basics of make-up, you will achieve a puppet-like or vulgar look. The natural look is created using gray, pink, blue shades, as well as black mascara and eyeliner:

    apply concealer on the area around the eyes, gently blend and powder;
    on top of the eyelid, apply a shade of peach or rose, blend. Gently lower your eye from below. If you are prone to bruising, use shades in pink and peach tones;
    on the basis of the shadows should be applied gray shade and shade in the direction of the eyebrows;
    Arrows are required to draw neatly with a dark gray eyeliner. You can use a pencil. This is even more convenient, since the pencil can be shaded, which will create a darkening of individual parts. When creating make-up for round eyes, you should also apply eyeliner inside the lower eyelid, and bring the arrow up to the corner of the eye;
    on the inner corner of the moving eyelid, apply the shadows in gray, and in the middle - blue. Rastushuyte border;
    The last stage is the use of blush in a shade of beige or peach, as well as pink lipstick.

    Make-up for gray eyes is made according to the same rules. The palette of shadows select on the basis of the tone of the eyes and hair. It is necessary to take into account the color of the dress.

    Makeup for green eyes

    For expressive underlining green eyes requires correct makeup, as well as knowledge of the secrets.It is allowed to use bright colors of cosmetics. For everyday make-up, use muted tones, and for the evening choose bold combinations with contrast. Consider creating makeup step by step:

    skin around the eyes is important to prepare. Apply concealer, make the same color and powder the skin;
    Apply a shade of copper to the upper part of the eye (if it is a daily make-up, then choose a calm shade of sand);

    The make-up features for round eyes are different for different eye colors. Consider this point when choosing tools and techniques.

    on the upper part of the eye now need to put the shadow in brown and shade. It is important to get a gradual overflow of tones. If the eyes are set deep, they are distinguished by staining the fold with a dark brown or burgundy shade;
    now turn the shooter. Here chocolate color will do. The shape of the arrow is optional. Just remember that if you have overhanging eyelids, then it’s better not to draw arrows, because it makes the view heavier;
    mascara should be applied in 1 layer. Do not forget to highlight the eyebrows and put bronze shadows on the cheekbones.

    The easiest way to create makeup for the shape of the eye with a round face.In this situation, professionals advise not to resort to a big adjustment. Enough eyeliner and light shadows.

    Makeup for small eyes

    In the makeup for the round small eyes there are own secrets and tools. Let us examine in more detail what is required to be done and what is unacceptable, so that small eyes get almond-shaped and expressiveness:

    For visual increase and lengthening of the shape of the eyes, a light eyeliner is required. The color is chosen such that it is lighter than the skin tone around the eyes. The line is required to apply on the movable and lower eyelid. You can also use the eyeliner of a light brown shade, drawing a line near the main light line;

    Makeup for round eyes

    the inner corner of the upper part of the eye should be lightened with shadows. Start from the center and apply dark shadows to the outside corner, creating a neat arrow. It is important to choose the tone so that the contrast with the iris of the eyes is obtained. For dark - light shadows, and for light - bright;
    for small eyes it is worth adding an additional trick - a shade of light tone under the line of eyebrows;
    mascara is applied near the outer corner of the eyelashes. It is necessary to choose a tool with a twisting effect, so the eyelashes will be curled.

    evening make-up

    If you are going on a holiday or in a restaurant, then you need to create an evening make-up for round eyes in order to get a complete image. The right choice of means will help to hide the flaws and arrange the "stress". Many believe that with dim light flaws invisible. But in reality, minor skin defects and improper makeup too stand out:

    we put tone. Before this, the skin should be cleaned with a scrub. This helps level the skin and prepare it for the application of the base. She should lie perfectly. As a base, use fluids of light texture;
    make-up for the evening is done using a rich palette. For both ages, the foundation is applied. Shadows suit dark gray, brown, marsh, peach and in shades of bronze. Be sure to use liner, drawing arrows. It should thicken towards the outside corner. In ink it is important to paint only eyelashes on top of the eye. Especially around the outside corner;
    apply lipstick on lips. Remember, the more expressively your eyes are painted, the calmer the shade of your lips. In order not to make a mistake, apply a simple shine;

    Evening make-up is great for going to a restaurant, to a disco, to a club.Proper selection of funds allows you to create a complete image.

    For a festive make-up, a rouge is required, but not in the form of a cream. They give the appearance a more senior look.

    Smoky eyes for round eyes

    In order to create a fashionable make-up for round eyes in the style of smoky eyes, you will need the following steps:

    Align the skin tone around the eyes with a concealer. Powder the eyelids with light powder (this will help increase the stability of cosmetics);
    along the line of upper lashes, draw the correct line, shading it with a brush, in order to achieve the effect of a slightly smeared line;
    black shadows are applied to the upper part of the eye by driving in (it is not necessary to smear it). Apply graphite color a little higher. To complete the image, use light gray shadows. Cosmetics need to be shaded in order to avoid sharp edges;

    Makeup for round eyes

    on the eyelid below it is required to apply muffled gray shadows. To achieve the effect of smoky eyes, it is important to create a line in the lower part of the eyelid with a pencil in black or gray. When creating this make-up on small eyes it is worth to abandon the dark scale, and prefer gray, blue or chocolate tones;
    mascara is applied in two layers, paying attention to the outer corners.

    Japanese style makeup

    Everyone knows that Japanese women have a relatively narrow slit of the eye. A Japanese-style makeup is more suitable for owners of round eyes. It creates a visual depth of view, makes it expressive.

    In order to create such a style on your own, you will need red lipstick, a shade of white without flickering, a black eyeliner, a pencil, a brown shade for eyebrows and a mascara with a volume effect. Step-by-step instruction:

    whiten the skin of the entire face. Here it plays a role, because the canvas requires an impeccably bright and even to get a contrast. To do this, use powder, concealer and eye shadow;
    Now paint the eyelids with shadows in white. The choice is based on the color type. Someone suitable bright white, and others - a little muted color;
    then you need to draw the thinnest arrow, whose tip you want to bring out of the outer corner of the eye. She needs a neat, perfect. Makeup artists are advised to use a spoon for this purpose in order to adjust the shape;
    under the eyes apply shadows in the color beige, so that the look is expressive;
    after using mascara and eyebrows are highlighted in brown.

    The round shape of the eyes is considered ideal, because it gives a chance to create any makeup options.

    This style is perfect for round eyes. It visually reduces them and gives almond shape. This is a gentle make-up that is suitable for daily use, as well as for a holiday. The scheme of drawing the arrow varies depending on your preferences and features of the image.

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