• The rules of "survival" in the new job

    • Coming to the office in the morning, loudly greet those present. This will draw the attention of colleagues in a positive way. Yes, they still do not know you, but if you quietly make your way into your nook and hide there, they will not know. So, in case you need help, they will not have a particular desire to provide it.
    • In the common kitchen or during the break, in general, during non-working hours, approach colleagues, introduce yourself and have small talk. Do not forget that the secular - it is not questions about the salary or work schedule of employees (to find out whether it is possible to leave early). You can ask about how someone gets to work, is it difficult to park the car, where it is better to go for lunch.
    • Make friends with the accounting department and personnel department. Yes, yes, even by flattery and ingratiation. Typically, these departments are most involved in the formation of a collective opinion of each employee. Well, spravochku out of turn then it will be easier to get, and perhaps inadvertently learn something useful about the team and traditions.

    The rules of "survival" in the new job

    • As quickly and clearly as possible, find out who is responsible for what, who can be contacted for work issues, who is administrative for whom, in case of difficulty, not to panic and not to get bosses.
    • At any job, adequate colleagues and management understand that the employee needs time to adapt, which at first may be shoals and misunderstandings. The main thing is to accept for yourself that jambs are possible. Do not stop, if something went wrong, and do not hide the ignorance of something. This can later emerge and cause more serious problems.
    • If colleagues, tasks or leadership are inadequate or you were expecting another, leave. It is better to leave for the second or third day of work than for the second or third month. The reputation on the market has not been canceled yet.
    • Communicate with everyone as kindly as possible. Even with subordinates. You never know which of them might turn out to be the boss's lover (com)! Conquer trust and sympathy, and good working relationships will form on this basis. Do not build yourself from the most intelligent, even if it is. Sometimes it's better to hide your talents. They will appreciate later, do not hesitate

    The rules of "survival" in the new job

    • Find yourself a lunch buddy. A nice person or several with whom you will go for dinner. It is important. From them you will learn about all current events and be able to properly prepare for them.It is much more useful than reading the corporate newsletter.
    • Watch carefully for what time it comes or goes. If everyone is late at work late, your care will be read out negatively by others in time. Even if you just follow the TC. Draw conclusions for yourself if you are ready to work in the general schedule.
    • Install your mobile work email. Prompt response to correspondence will make you the most favorable opinion.

    Already, in addition to work, there is enough business for a whole month. If you treat the proposed advice as a plan, and you save your nerves, and quickly integrate.

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