• S size is what size?

    Anastasia Samokhina
    Anastasia Samokhina
    February 7, 2013
    S size is what size?

    Sometimes there are such cases when we have to buy clothes through the Internet, that is, blindly. Yes, we see both color, and form, and style, but we are unable to try on a dress, skirt or shirt. But then any clothing has its own specific size, for example, s. And then the question arises: the size of s - this is what size?

    The letter "s" is the initial letter of the word "Small", and means the word "small." If we compare this size with our, Russian, sizes of clothes, then it will correspond to 44 - 46 sizes for men and 42 - 44 sizes for women.

    It is worth paying special attention to men's jackets. On them the letter "S" is growth. Here it corresponds to 163 - 168 centimeters. Men's shirts with the letter "S" - is 44 - 46 size.

    Now a few words about women's underwear. Most often, the size s corresponds to the size of the bra A-B, well, and women's dress will correspond to 5 - 7 size. In order to understand whether your body size is “S”, you need to measure chest volume, waist volume and hip volume. What should they be?

    • Breast volume 86 to 92 cm
    • Waist size from 64 to 70 cm
    • Volume of hips from 89 to 92 cm

    By the way, if you have to buy clothes that are made in Europe, then there is a size 36 in this size. This size is considered universal and such clothes are bought more often.

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