• Salad with salmon - delicious recipes with photos and step by step instructions - "Mink coat", "Golden Fish", "Caesar". How to make delicious puff salads of salmon, shrimp and caviar at home


    Delicious salmon salad recipes with photos offer to cook in a variety of interpretations. The simplest option is to combine salted fish with the ingredients of a classic fur coat and create an unusual dish called “Mink fur coat” or replace chicken, which is part of the traditional “Caesar”, with salmon.

    More sophisticated methods suggest using refined delicacy fish in flaky salads and composing it with tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, shrimps, eggs, caviar and hard cheese.Such spectacular dishes are not only very tasty, but also extremely beautiful. They are appropriate to include in the holiday menu on the occasion of Birthday, New Year or any other significant and important date for you.

    Salad with salmon - a delicious recipe with photos for the New Year

    How to make for the New Year a very tasty and quite simple salad with salmon, tell this recipe with a photo. The finished dish will turn out tender, juicy and attractive in appearance. You can serve it on a large serving dish or on individual plates. If the second serving option is chosen, the salmon will need a little more, as you will have to decorate each serving with a decorative flower.


    Necessary ingredients for New Year's delicious salad with salted salmon

    • lightly salted salmon - 300 g
    • boiled eggs - 3 pcs
    • potatoes - 225 g
    • carrot - 150 g
    • spring onions - 5 feathers
    • Mayonnaise 50% - 200 ml

    Step by step instructions to the recipe for salad for the New Year with salmon

    1. Wash vegetables under running water, dry, boil until cooked and cool well. Grate the carrots.CCC-002
    2. Cut potatoes into small cubes.CCC-003
    3. Finely chop eggs.CCC-004
    4. Rinse green onions, dry with a napkin and finely chop.CCC-005
    5. Slightly salted fish, except for one slice, cut into small squares of the same size.CCC-006
    6. Place a round shape of a suitable size on a serving plate. Put a thick layer of potatoes on the bottom and soak it with mayonnaise. Then lay the salmon, cover with mayonnaise mesh and lightly sprinkle with green onions. Eggs can be combined with mayonnaise, mix well and make the next layer of this mixture. Finish laying a layer of carrots, carefully lubricate the surface with mayonnaise and send the salad to the fridge for a couple of hours soak. Then decorate the flower with a slice of fish, decorate with greens and chopped onions and serve to the New Year's table.

    Delicious salad with layers of salmon, egg and cheese "Mink coat" - recipe with photo


    Following the recommendations of this original recipe with a photo, you can cook an unusual and very tasty layered salad called "Mink coat." Its composition is similar to the components of a traditional fish coat, but instead of the classic herring, refined and noble salted salmon are used.

    Necessary ingredients for "Mink coat" with salmon, cheese and egg

    • beets - 2 pieces
    • carrots - 2 pieces
    • egg - 3 pieces
    • potato - 3 pcs
    • salted salmon - 300 g
    • hard cheese - 200 g
    • greens - 2-3 sprigs
    • Unsweetened Yoghurt Medium Fat - 150 ml

    Step-by-step instruction to the recipe for making a delicious salad with layers

    1. Boil vegetables and eggs until tender, cool well and peel. Grate carrots, beets and eggs on a coarse grater into separate containers, cut potatoes and salmon into cubes of medium size.
    2. On a festive dish put a round shape with high sides. Put a dense layer of grated beets on the bottom and pour it with yogurt plentifully.
    3. On top of the carrot and make a thin yoghurt mesh.
    4. Then pour the eggs, soak in yogurt and cover with potatoes mixed with yogurt.
    5. Top with fish pieces, decorate with grated hard cheese, garnish with greens and refrigerate for 2-3 hours. At the end of time, put on the holiday table.

    Caesar salad with salmon at home recipe with photo


    Step-by-step recipe with a photo will teach everyone to make at home a delicious Caesar salad with salmon and crackers. The cooking process is not difficult, but it does require some attention.Most importantly, frying the fish, do not dry it, otherwise it will turn out too tough and will not be able to soak up the sauce.

    The necessary ingredients for the preparation of "Caesar" at home

    • lettuce leaves - 100 g
    • fried salmon - 200 g
    • loaf - 150 g
    • eggs - 3 pieces
    • cherry tomatoes - 4 pcs
    • Parmesan - 75 g
    • olive oil - 125 ml
    • lemon - ½ pcs
    • garlic - 1 clove
    • Dijon mustard - 1 tsp
    • salt - 1/3 tsp
    • ground black pepper - ¼ tsp

    Step-by-step instructions to the recipe for home "Caesar" with red fish

    1. Cut the long loaf into very thin translucent slices, put on a baking sheet in a single layer and bake in a well-heated oven until golden brown. Then remove and cool.
    2. For the sauce, put eggs into a blender bowl, squeeze the juice from half a lemon, put mustard, garlic, pepper, salt and beat for 10-15 minutes. In the process of beating gradually pour a thin stream of olive oil. At the exit a smooth homogeneous mass of a pleasant yellowish tint should be obtained.
    3. Rinse the lettuce leaves in running water, dry, tear them into pieces of arbitrary size and put in a dish. Sprinkle with sauce and sprinkle chopped cherry tomatoes on top.
    4. Cut the fish into slices and add to the remaining ingredients.Pour the sauce and mix gently with a wooden spatula.
    5. Before serving, decorate with slices of crackers and cover with grated parmesan cheese.

    Salad "Goldfish" with salmon, tomatoes, cucumber and avocado recipe with photo


    A very beautiful and bright salad "Goldfish", cooked according to this recipe from salted salmon, avocado, fresh cucumber and tomato, pleasantly diversifies the daily menu and gives originality to even the most exquisite festive table. The main charm of the dish lies in a harmonious combination of pleasant, juicy taste, fresh aroma and unusually spectacular appearance.

    Ingredients for Goldfish with Tomatoes, Salmon and Avocado

    • salmon slightly salted - 150 g
    • fresh cucumber - 2 pcs
    • tomatoes - 2 pcs
    • green onions - 4 feathers
    • avocado - 1 pc
    • dill and parsley - 3 branches each
    • fresh lemon juice - 1 tbsp
    • low fat mayonnaise - 6 tbsp
    • salt - 1/3 tsp
    • fragrant ground pepper - ¼ tsp
    • black olives without pits - 5-6 pcs
    • boiled eggs - 2 pieces

    Step-by-step instructions for salad recipe with tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado and salmon

    1. Vegetables, fruits and herbs thoroughly wash under running water and dry on a paper towel.Boil carrots until cooked, cool and cut into thin slices.
    2. Peel the avocados, remove the bone, and chop the flesh into small cubes.
    3. Cucumbers and tomatoes to grind. Onion, parsley and dill finely chop.
    4. With fish pulp gently remove the skin and cut into squares 1X1 centimeter.
    5. Put the avocado in a deep bowl, sprinkle with freshly squeezed lemon juice and mash with a fork into a homogeneous mass.
    6. Pour all other ingredients, except carrots and eggs, season with salt and ground pepper, pour with mayonnaise and mix gently.
    7. Put the salad mixture on a serving dish and give it a fish shape.
    8. Remove eggs from the shell. Grate the yolks separately on a fine grater. Cut out circles from proteins - blanks for the eye, and the rest should also be grated.
    9. The part where the fish will have a head, very tightly fall asleep yolks. Proteins should be placed where the torso will be, and slightly smear with mayonnaise on top.
    10. Throughout the body of the fish, thin circles of carrots are arranged according to the type of scales. Move from tail to head and lay so that each successive row finds a little on the previous one.
    11. At the end decorate the head with an egg white eye,and in the center as a pupil put a black olive.
    12. Make a mouth, a crown, a tail, fins from carrots and attach them to the appropriate places. For a couple of hours, put the dish in the fridge, then serve.

    Layered salad with salmon, caviar and shrimp - a recipe with photos


    How to make a very tasty puff salad with salmon, tell you the recipe photos and step by step instructions presented below. In addition to red fish, caviar, eggs and shrimps are present, and skimmed mayonnaise is used as a dressing. Delicious dish a bit like “Mink coat”, but due to the lack of a large number of vegetables, it has a more pronounced salty taste. Serve it is recommended as a cold snack with cucumbers, tomatoes and cream cheese.

    Attractive appearance of the salad allows you to use it as a festive meal. On the New Year's table, he will make a worthy competition to "Caesar" or "Olivier", and maybe even overshadow these classic components of the solemn menu.

    Essential Ingredients for Puffed Salad with Caviar and Salmon

    • shrimp - 500 g
    • salmon - 200 g
    • eggs - 4 pieces
    • Red caviar 150 g
    • potato - 4 pieces
    • low fat mayonnaise - 200 ml

    Step-by-step instruction for the recipe for puffed salad with shrimps and salmon

    1. Boil eggs, potatoes and shrimps until cooked, cool and peel.
    2. Grate potatoes and eggs, shrimp and fish cut into slices.
    3. Place the bottom of the salad bowl slightly with mayonnaise and lay out the layers in the following order: shrimps mixed with fish + mayonnaise + potatoes + mayonnaise + eggs + mayonnaise + kreveki with fish + dense layer of mayonnaise.
    4. The top should be decorated with red caviar seeds and put for 2 hours in the refrigerator. Then file to the table.

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