• Salting caviar at home

    In July, big silver carp often comes across with caviar. Frying it just bothers you. You can pickle caviar yourself. Many do it wrong. The result is boiled caviar, which is disgusting in taste and texture. But properly salted caviar is real bliss. It turns out even tastier than black and red.


    For salting caviar we need:
    • - 2 liters of water;
    • - 1 kg of carp caviar;
    • - 4 tbsp. tablespoons of salt (large, not “extra”).

    Recipe for salting caviar at home

    Salty caviar is made at home in this way: 1. Using a grater, we separate the eggs from the pleura. We simply grind through the side of the grater with large cells.
    Salting caviar at home
    Pickling caviar at home
    2. We put two liters of water to boil.
    Pickling caviar at home
    3. Pour salt into the water. Salt must be completely dissolved.
    Pickling caviar at home
    4. In a bowl of caviar pour boiling water. Stir with a spoon for a minute. Then we leave for 10 minutes to spawn in this salt water.
    Pickling caviar at home
    5. Gauze or in a cloth mesh. We stretch on the pan. Pour this caviar solution into the pan through a cloth. Caviar lingers on the mesh surface.
    Pickling caviar at home
    6. Knotted mesh fabric. Suspend this node above the sink to the caviar drained. A couple of hours leave the eggs in limbo. We put the product without water in the jar, close the lid. You can pour some vegetable oil into the caviar mass.

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