• Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden for the New Year 2013

    Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden for the New Year 2013

    Santa Claus and Snow Maiden for the New Year 2013. Call Santa on the house.

    Tale of the New Year for children and adults - to call Santa Claus at home.



    Memories of New Year's miracles, probably, most of us have. None of the New Year's Eve did not pass without the kind Grandfather Frost and the cute Snow Maiden. And is it even possible to present this holiday without fairy-tale characters ?! Of course not! So beloved by all the “red nose” with a long-haired beautiful granddaughter will provide a festive mood not only for children but also for adults.


    Let us turn a little to the history and interesting facts.

    Did you know that one of the most revered saints, Nicholas the Wonderworker, is a prototype of Santa Claus or Santa Claus? He was the son of one of the most influential and richest people in Asia Minor, who was born around 2000. His entire conscious life was devoted to serving the Church. About the virtues of Nicholas, both in life and after death, legends were made. Only thanks to true kindness and love for all living things, he was canonized.


    It would be disrespectful not to tell a little about the history of the “birth” of the Snow Maiden. The year 1873 is considered to be the year of her birth. It is then that the Snow Maiden appears in one of the same plays by Alexander Ostrovsky based on a folk tale, so familiar to us from childhood. The story there was about a girl made of snow. Yes, it was that beauty that melted, jumping over the fire, and became the progenitor of our Snegurochka.


    But back in our day.

    Today, the appearance of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden at the festival no longer seems something exotic and inaccessible. Fortunately, the market for services offered on this subject is quite large.


    What you need to consider, intending to invite to your event close to the heart of the characters?

    Of course, best of all, start searching for suitable candidates well in advance. Putting everything to the last moment, you risk being left with nothing. The market for Christmas services begins its work in November, so do not pull.


    What is guided when choosing actors for the role of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden?



    Snow Maiden for the New Year 2013

    Vip Snow Maiden for the New Year 2013.

    As mentioned above, the list of art studios practicing such a repertoire is very diverse.Do not rush to agree to the first sentence. Familiarize yourself with the actor's repertoire, the originality of its performance. It is not superfluous to have a diploma of drama schools. If you doubt the professionalism of the candidate for the role, do not be afraid to refuse, because your holiday and the joy of your loved ones are at stake.


    Well-trained actors at the proper level will hold entertaining contests for children, dance with them around the New Year tree, and, of course, solemnly awaited gifts will be solemnly taken out of the red bag!


    However, you should not discount Grandpa Frost and Snow Maiden even if you do not have children. For adult uncles and aunts, there are also options that will not leave anyone indifferent to any of the guests. Muscular handsome man in the role of Santa Claus and seductive beauty in the image of the Snow Maiden will perform a striptease full of passion and fire.


    However, contrary to desires, it may turn out that on New Year's Eve 2013, you did not have time to order professional Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Even in this case, you should not give up on your plans, because a good mood and faith in miracles will more than cover all your work.If it did not workto call Santa Claus and Snow Maiden on the house, do not despair, everything is very simple, you just need your holiday enthusiasm and the desire to surprise the guests.


    Fortunately, store shelves are just bursting with New Year's goods. For the image of Santa Claus you will need: an artificial beard, a red sheepskin coat, a staff and a large sack. In the image of the Snow Maiden, it is even easier to enter: even simple street clothes can be beaten with New Year's tinsel and sparkles. If nature has not rewarded you with a chic braid, there will be any in the range of shops!


    The main thing is not whether you are like two drops of water with Santa Claus, the main thing is the desire to give at least a little fairy tale to adults and delight in the miracle that happened to the kids.

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