• Saratov torex doors

    Saratov doors torex exist on the Russian market for about 20 years, during which time the company has become widely known in the country. Today it is difficult to quickly order the front door to the apartment and opt for any material, especially when there is no special knowledge.

    Entrance wooden panel doors, as compared with metal ones, have higher noise insulation and heat-saving properties. Their only drawback is low resistance to burglary, they are characterized by a relatively low reliability in this regard, although in this case often a big role is played not by the door but by the lock.

    Order the front door to the apartment

    It is quite simple to order the entrance door to an apartment; all you need to do is to choose a suitable option, pay for it, order delivery and installation. Installation of one box can take up to several hours, after which you can open the front door with your key and make sure that it is reliable and functional.Security and comfort also depend on the lock, since it is he, rather than the door, that is often cracked.

    Often when choosing a great attention is paid to reliability, price and appearance, while thermal insulation characteristics are also important, in this case, preference can be given to wooden products, it is a natural material that has proven itself in the building materials market for centuries. Modern wooden surfaces are treated with special compounds that increase the life and fire resistance of the material. With proper operation, the service life can be up to several tens of years.

    Many people prefer to install two entrance doors, as this increases the level of reliability of the dwelling, in this case one door can be made of metal, and the second one of wood. Those who live in country houses, it is recommended to install reliable locks, so that when you open the front door with a key, you will have confidence in security. For those living in the stairwell, the reliability of the product may not be as important as the appearance, especially if there is security at the entrance, video surveillance or an alarm system is installed.

    Wooden entrance doors paneled

    Compared to plastic, glass or hardboard doors, paneled ones are characterized by a high level of heat preservation. In addition, wood conducts air better, unlike plastic, so you can not install additional ventilation equipment in the apartment, since wood allows air molecules to pass in both directions.

    Quality doors are made of wooden fenced doors made from precious woods - beech, oak, mahogany, etc. They can be made from solid wood, from panels, as well as from wood plates. A more aesthetic and reliable option - the door of the array, which has always been considered the most durable. The cost of doors can be several times higher than framed or metal counterparts. Paneled doors have a low price, as they are made from plywood, chipboard, and wooden panels.

    In some cases, framed doors are made of solid wood, for this can be used as a breed of Russian origin, and from the exotic, which affects the price, and sometimes the production time. In spite of everything, it is always pleasant to open the front door with your key, whatever material it is made of.

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