• Scientific look at the excitement.

    All of us are gambling people. Only each - in its own way, in its degree and its direction. Someone is passionate about sports and daily attends a gym, someone is excited about entrepreneurship, business and commerce. Someone - to the casino. But what is excitement in general? Let's see what scientists are saying about this.

    Excitement, as the researchers write it, is an emotion associated with anticipating future success, often associated with risk, chance or play.

    Excitement, as scientists say, is of two kinds. Resource and destructive. The first is that excitement, when a person is engaged in a favorite business and is aimed at bringing benefit to people. For example, when a person writes a symphony, a poem, opens new scientific horizons, teaches children, and so on. That feeling of involvement associated with a sense of future delight from a job well done is called resource excitement.

    On the other hand is the excitement of destructive. Under it, scientists understand the excitement that arises during the game, in particular, casino games.Next to this kind of excitement there is always the opportunity to become addicted and lose control over yourself and your thoughts.

    Already more than one year ago, scientists proved that the feeling of excitement is closely connected with the neurotransmitter endorphin, the substance that is necessary for pleasure, as well as the protection of the body. It turns out that when the body receives a dose of endorphin, it activates its functions, tones the body and perceives it as pleasure. However, over time, a feeling of tone and activation of all resources gives way to lethargy. The resource has been spent, and now on the face of his lack.

    It is this very lack of concentration, tone and endorphin that a gambler experiences when he is not at the gaming table or at his favorite slot. He is experiencing a clear loss of energy, strength and desire to do something, except that he brings endorphin, which he likes so much.

    This process, as scientists say, at the chemical level is very similar to what happens during drug addiction.

    However, delving deeper and deeper into the views of scientists, there are clear gaps in their understanding or interpretation of these processes, and there are inconsistencies.In fact, from the study of scientific views on simple things, you can literally go crazy, go crazy.

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    Remember about moderation and involvement. Do not go into the process with your head. Know your measure, and you will not be afraid of destructive excitement.

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