• Scorpio

    paper scorpion
    Children are always attracted by something unusual and mysterious. They watch movies with all sorts of monsters and monsters. But it’s better still to acquaint children with the outside world not through a terrible movie, but with the help of such handicrafts. See what a cute scorpion turned out! How to make a paper scorpion. Take a piece of paper. Make a square. Add it diagonally.
     Fold the sheet diagonally
    Bend the sheet so that the fold is on the right.
     to fold to the right
    Bend the upper left corner downwards.
    bend the corner down
    Turn the triangle obtained on the right so that the fold is at the top right in the center.
    triangle expand
    Turn the workpiece from left to right to anotheraside.
    Turn the workpiece over
    Expand the sheet on the right side and fold the fold to the middle.
    Expand sheet
    Press a detail.
     Press the Detail
    Bend the corners as shown in the photo and deploy again. These are your auxiliary lines.
     Bend the corners like this
    Lift the bottom corner upwards.
     Lift the lower corner to the top
    On the folds from the sides, fold the edges of the paper inward.
    fold the edges of the paper inwards
    You have such a diamond.
    Turn over blank to the other side.
     Turn the workpiece over
    Make the same diamond.
    Make the same p mb
    Turn of the details of how to book from right to left.
    Invert part of the part
     book from right to left
    The lower part of the workpiece, too, turn up to get such a figure.
    Lower part of the blank
    The corner from the top is bifurcated. Fold the two sharp corners in different directions, as if turning out x.
    The corner from the top is forked
    That's what you should do. These are the future scorpion pincers.  should get
    Bend the ends of claws up.
    >img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/3/131-koncy-kleshney-zagnite.jpg" alt="Bend the ends of the claw" title="Bend the ends of the claw">
    Unfold them from the outer sides, making them diamonds.
    making diamonds out of them
    Bend the sides to the center, make a marking, and then hide these edges along the inside of the workpiece.
    Bend the sides
    Smooth down the edges well,otherwise it will constantly turn around.
     Smooth out the edges well
    Do the same on the reverse side.
    make and from the reverse side
    Turn the craft up "face" up (where the claws). Make the markup with a pencil or chalk.
    Turn over crafts
    On it, roll the accordion over the top of the blank.
    minimize accordion
     roll the accordion
    Turn over to the other side. Make the markup: one - in the middle on the horizontal fold, and the other two on the sides just below.
    minimize accordion
    Cut the top piece in the middle to the center point, and on the sides - to the mark. These are the legs. Push them back and forth.
    Turn over to the other side
    Now bend the paws in the middle upwards.And then on the edges.
     bend them in different directions
    Bend all legs towards the head.
     Now bend the legs in the middle up
    Turn the workpiece over. You got such a scorpion. Lift his tail tip up. Now he is ready to attack.

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