• Should I buy a new car?

    I'm thinking about whether to buy a new car. I have a certain amount, but it is enough only for cars with mileage. 100% want to take a Mercedes and only him. But what do you think, is it better to wait and buy a new one or take it now?
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    I would take a loan and buy a new car now. Your desires need to be implemented at all costs.
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    Yes, buy with mileage. And then sell it, add the amount that has accumulated. And buy a new car already.
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    I agree with Nikolai. What if you want, then you need to buy a new one. But credit is not a good idea. Leasing is much more profitable. It has its own nuances, but it still turns out much more interesting than taking a loan. I know that leasing on a Mercedes can be arranged here. And even if you force yourself to buy with a mileage, you still will not be satisfied if you originally wanted a new car. No need to deceive yourself.

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