• Shugaring at home

    Anna Basis

    Modern standards of beauty require female representatives to have a perfectly smooth body without excess vegetation. What only resourceful girls do not come up with for this: a razor, depilatory creams, expensive salon procedures, and so on. However, these methods have disadvantages. So, after a razor, a hard bristle is formed, which does not correspond to the delicate female image. Yes, and hardware methods are not always effective, and also involve considerable financial costs. What will help to solve this delicate problem, because you want to constantly shine with elegant smooth skin?

    An effective and inexpensive method of removing unwanted hair is sugar hair removal, which is easy to do on your own. This method has been practiced since ancient times: it is known that the first women to use such a tool were Persian and Egyptian beauties. They passed recipes from generation to generation, preserving brand secrets. Then the method became widespread in European countries, and today it is applied in our country.It is not surprising, because shugaring at home has several advantages:

    • Painless, as the vegetation is removed by hair growth, and not vice versa. This reduces discomfort.
    • Long-term - a new procedure should be carried out only after 2-3 weeks.

    Shugaring at home

    • No redness and irritation. After such an epilation, do not be ashamed to immediately go out into the light.
    • Shugaring does not damage the upper layers of the skin, so it can be done many times.
    • The mixture has a disinfecting effect due to the main ingredient - sugar, which destroys bacteria and reduces the likelihood of various infections.
    • Efficiency: the two main components of the recipes - sugar and water - the pocket for every girl. For shugaring at home, you need only a caramel mass, without aids.
    • Hypoallergenic - the paste is prepared from safe products, without chemical compounds and preservatives.
    • Ease of use: any lady can use the mix.

    The advantages of this method include the absence of ingrown hairs and burns of the skin: before the procedure, the paste must be cooled to a comfortable temperature.

    The length of hairs for the use of shugaring should be 3-5 mm. Removal of regrown vegetation will cause additional pain.

    Recipes mix for shugaring at home

    Cooking caramel balls on your own will not be difficult, the main thing is the correct proportions of the components. Recipes for homemade shugaring are based on just 3 products. So, the necessary ingredients:

    • 10 tablespoons of granulated sugar;
    • 5 tablespoons of drinking water;
    • juice 1/2 lemon.

    Stages of preparation:

    1. It takes a metal saucepan - it mixes the food, and the container is put on a slow fire.
    2. As soon as the mass boils, the temperature should be lowered and cooked for another 6-8 minutes, stirring regularly to avoid burning.
    3. When the mixture acquires a golden hue, the pan must be removed from the heat. As soon as the foam disappears, carefully consider - the color and consistency of the mass should resemble honey. If the paste is lighter, it is cooked, but it should be taken into account that the digested syrup is unsuitable for use.

    Shugaring at home

    After cooking it is worth checking whether sugar paste is cooked correctly.To do this, after a few hours (usually not less than 3, in order not to get burned) a small amount of caramel is taken and rolled into a ball. If it keeps the shape and does not blur, then the mixture is suitable and you can proceed to the procedure.

    How to make shugaring at home?

    To carry out hair removal, providing a smooth skin without residues of excess vegetation, you need to know how to do shugaring at home. Before the process begins, a shower is taken to open the pores and remove contaminants. You will also need a disinfectant: a low-fat lotion or tonic is suitable. Young ladies with a low threshold of pain sensitivity should prepare an anesthetic cream in advance. The first procedure in any case will be a little painful, although after several times unpleasant sensations will come to naught.

    So, when conducting shugaring at home, you need to follow a number of recommendations:

    • Take a small amount of sugar caramel in your hand and knead it to the state of plasticine until the mass becomes slightly transparent. After that, the tool is applied to selected areas of the body.
    • Be sure to smear the paste against the growth of hair, and remove, on the contrary, growth. This technique minimizes pain and removes vegetation along with onions, providing a lasting effect.

    Shugaring at home

    • Before removing the applied mixture, the skin should be slightly tightened, movements should be made confident and sharp.
    • Removed hairs should remain on the caramel. After the procedure, the treated part of the body is thoroughly washed with warm water to remove the paste residues, and wipe dry.
    • In conclusion, you need to lubricate the epilated area with a disinfectant, then body cream or cosmetic oil.

    When carrying out an epilation for the first time it is not necessary to hurry. As a rule, at first shugaring takes longer than is required. However, each time the process will be faster and more painless. Also, follow the consistency of the mass, so that it does not thicken - it is better to keep the caramel in a water bath.

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