• Signs of clinical death

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    Signs of clinical death

    Our body is designed in such a way that after cardiac arrest, it can live for some time, about 5 minutes, without oxygen entering the brain. This gap is called clinical death. Clinical death can occur as a result of drowning, electric shock, cardiac arrest, poisoning, and so on.

    Signs of clinical death

    At this time, a person can still be returned, the main thing is to know the signs of clinical death, and to be able to properly conduct resuscitation measures:

    • Lack of pulse
    • No breathing
    • Loss of consciousness
    • The dilation of the pupils and the absence of their reaction to light.

    As soon as you find the first signs of clinical death in a patient or a victim, you must, without losing a single second, proceed to his resuscitation. Even if the heart stopped 3 or 4 minutes ago, it can still be started. Resuscitation is stopped only when signs of biological death appear.

    Signs of biological death

    After clinical death comes biological, which is, unfortunately, irreversible.

    • Drying of the cornea
    • The appearance of the so-called "cat pupil" when you press the eyeball
    • Decrease in body temperature, occurs at about 1 degree per hour.
    • The appearance of dead spots on the side where the person is.
    • The stiffness of the body, which comes from above, that is, from head to toe.

    The signs of biological death are fully manifested after a day.

    Knowing the signs of biological and clinical death, you can always accurately determine whether a person is alive, and he can still be helped, or he can�t be returned. But if you witnessed a situation where a person dies or you find a body, you should know that you need to call an ambulance immediately.

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