• Skinny fat: 10 famous fat thin guys

    Perhaps they themselves do not know that their figure is so called, but when they put on bathing suits, everything secret becomes apparent.

    Many celebrities in evening dresses, and indeed in any clothes seem very thin and even fit, but when the paparazzi catch them on the beach in a bikini, it turns out that they have a tummy and flabby buttocks. This type of figure is called skinny fat (from English - “thin fullness”).

    In fact, there are a lot of skinny fat girls, it's just not always easy to recognize. Most often, they include girls who are by nature lean, but do not like to torture themselves with workouts and proper nutrition. That is why their lean body sometimes becomes slightly imperfect, folds appear in the abdomen, and cellulite on the buttocks. Another type - women who always diets, and it seems like they are thin, but due to the lack of sports loads their bodies are very flabby.

    First of all, in this case workouts will help, but it is best to start with yoga or Pilates so that the body is used to the loads. After a couple of months, you can switch to strength and cardio training.The most optimal option: to do several times a week, Pilates and twice - fitness.

    Do not forget about food. First, it is best to reduce the number of calories or start eating right and forget about fast food. Secondly, nutrition should be balanced, so different protein diets just do not fit.

    These are the tips that most celebrities need to follow. After all, at first glance, their bodies are amazing and many people want to look the same as they do. For example, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Katy Perry and 7 more stars just need to sign up to the gym and an appointment with a nutritionist.

    June 1, 2018Alika Zhukova
    a guest04.06.18 10:39

    considering: 1. the age of some people; 2. The ladies generally have a rest, maybe someone just had lunch)))))) people are relaxed, you need to understand))))) 3. usually very carefully prepare for shows and other outings ... well, who among us is not " lost weight "by the summer and the new year ?! and they have such a job in general))))) well, and 4. in general, everything looks just great !!! it is clear that there is no limit to perfection, and each of us has much to strive for))))

    a guest04.06.18 10:47

    Aniston here why, this is just an unfortunate view, well, maybe 1 extra kg, the person is still on vacation) And her figure is cool, tasty like a candy) Well, the rest is very good.

    a guest04.06.18 10:55

    Lindsay Lohan scared and more than face. And so did not see anything terrible and not a single cellulite by the way.

    a guest04.06.18 15:21

    so where are they thick?

    a guest04.06.18 16:11

    Nonsense. Women like women

    a guest04.06.18 21:11

    well, right, without photoshop, and fats and cellulite can be seen

    a guest05.06.18 10:21

    The article is sucked from the finger.

    a guest05.06.18 22:12

    I totally agree

    a guest07.06.18 08:07

    wanted to write the same

    a guest05.06.18 14:05

    stupidity, not an article

    a guest05.06.18 20:07

    Women at their age should look like women, and not resemble a “pedophile's dream,” as a friend said)) It's a shame to just read about the total fight against cellulite .. believe, you, too, this cup will not pass)) Of course, beautiful aesthetically body and face they are pleasing to the eye, but here, you will think, they caught the aunts not at the parade, without makeup, they didn’t have time to draw their stomachs)) they are, in fact, also living people. Even "fitonyashki", swinging asses all day in the fitness halls and who decided to devote their lives to it, do not look perfect every minute))

    a guest06.06.18 06:42

    Nonsense is complete in some photos. It is impossible to retract the stomach all the time. Even if there is no fat, when you relax it, it bulges out

    a guest08.06.18 22:27

    Well, I do not know, I do not know ... I used to keep my abdominal muscles in tension always, never allow myself to stick out the stomach, although I do not have fat there)

    a guest06.06.18 08:04

    How can you write about this or about someone that you don’t know at all and haven’t even studied before writing an article? I read an interview with Jennifer Aniston, where she just said that she is naturally inclined to be overweight, and only PP and sport make her figure the way we see it. Yes, and everyone else, I'm sure they are engaged. Something doesn’t look like Kate Moss and Charlize Theron are sitting on fast food. These celebrities have personal chefs, nutritionists and fitness trainers. And if you also take into account the age of these respected ladies, they generally look great. Sorry, but in almost fifty skin can not be elastic. Read the author's advice on nutrition and sports against such famous, well-groomed women - well, just ridiculous.

    a guest06.06.18 23:18

    Beautiful women with nice figures. Absolutely inappropriate examples were selected under skinny fat.

    a guest08.06.18 11:26

    such nonsense. thick mean thick. and these are ordinary women, natural. not all the time in the gym and diets to sit.

    a guest11.06.18 11:19

    Incredible for their stupidity article!

    a guest11.06.18 16:09

    Kate Moss is just super, beautiful for her age

    a guest11.06.18 21:44

    Um .. Excellent for all the girls presented the figure and skin of the body in a normal, good condition.Perspective unsuccessful happens absolutely at all. Aniston for me is generally an example - as you can and need! to be in great shape.

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