• If the Japanese do something and position it as exclusive, it really is unique. Yamateru kitchen utensils belong to this category - excellent quality, unique design, the latest technology.

    The company for its production organized more than 40 years ago, the Japanese master Narahiko Yamater. In the eighties began its cooperation with the steel producer Nippon Steel and chemical company DuPont, so the material was only used the best. By the end of the decade, it allowed to master the American market and enter the world level.

    The name of the founder of the plant means "illuminating the heavens." Thinking well, he decided that such a name could not be better compliant with the brand philosophy. According to his ideas, everything should be perfect: material, design, packaging.

    Absolutely all the ingredients in Yamateru Japanese dishes are important in order to get what we have - one of the best products that can be found on the market.

    It is produced at a factory near the capital of Japan. Some of them are abroad, but only in specially certified industries. Only 60 thousand sets are produced per year.

    Each of them passes a five-step quality control. This testing:

    1. purchasing steel - so that there are no harmful impurities, only 18 percent of chromium and 8 are nickel,
    2. silicone pens - heating to maximum temperatures to determine thermal conductivity and heat resistance,
    3. non-stick coating,
    4. for strength - thermal conductivity, heat resistance, pressure response,
    5. spectral analysis - it turns out the composition of the final product, in order to eliminate any unnecessary impurities. The dishes are absolutely corrosion resistant.

    Such a volume check allows you to obtain certificates of conformity - Japanese JIS, European 1935/2004 / EC; ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001. Moreover, it corresponds to the Russian GOST 27002-86 "Cookware made of corrosion-resistant steel."

    Design of Japanese dishes Yamateru create art workers - the architect Okumura Hidekiaki and artist Kitagawa Toyukuni. At the heart of their concepts are the views of the starry sky, the spring sakura, the flat roofs of houses in Kyoto, and the classic rock gardens. The result is a solid, but laconic form, convenience, beauty and reliability.

    The Yamateru logo means that the product is truly of the highest quality, and the manufacturer is responsible for it.

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