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    We bought an apartment in Belogorodka on the attic floor. Recently, they gave us the keys and we are ready to start the repair. But we do not like the dormer windows, which the developer has installed - they will go under the replacement. Advise where to buy quality windows.
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    Answered on June 1 06:00
    We are just now looking at the new buildings of the Kiev region, in one LCD an interesting layout of the apartment on the attic floor. Did you do the second level? And was it possible not to make a dormer window, and cut through it in the wall?
    Answered on June 1 06:08
    And I really like skylights, especially in the bedroom - you can admire the starry sky. True, there is a problem with snow in winter, but in residential complexes the roof is cleaned by a management company, but in a private house this is a problem.
    Answered on June 1, 06:20
    The author, look, maybe, Roto skylights will suit you for a replacement, there seems to be good reviews about them on building forums. This Kiev company has quite a large selection of windows from this manufacturer, look,whether the prices will suit you By the way, this page still has tips on choosing roof windows, read, I hope, you will get a lot of useful information.

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