• Small room sofas: fresh ideas

    To make a small room cozy, comfortable and functional - quite a feasible task for those who know how to choose the right items for such an interior. Compactness, the absence of useless elements and, of course, high quality - in this case, the main components of a successful choice of any furniture, including a sofa.

    The modern market is replete with various offers. Linear and angular, in high-tech style and minimalism, “cold” strict and home-style - it’s easy to choose a sofa in full compliance with your own ideas about fashion and beauty. Nevertheless, experts do not recommend relying solely on taste preferences - it is also worth putting the features of the settled space at the forefront.

    So, for smaller rooms the folding sofa will be ideal. Such furniture is equipped with a variety of transformation mechanisms.“Click-clack” is a familiar, but improved system, similar to the “book”. The advantage to which the sofa-book is famous in the new modification is the strength, as well as the variability of the backrest positions ("sitting", "half sitting", "lying") and armrests.

    The mechanism of "eurobook" allows you to create a perfectly flat and spacious bed. The most compact will be American and French clamshells, as well as a pull-out sofa. True, these transformation systems require an impressive free space ahead of the furniture, which, in fact, are being pushed.

    You can also consider the option of purchasing not a sofa, but a chair-bed. Such furniture is practically the standard of functional compactness. Many models, while remaining miniature, are also equipped with drawers for laundry! Of course, this solution is more suitable for a child’s room, kitchen or bedroom. For the living room, you should still prefer a sofa.

    In addition to folding sofas, good ideas for a small room will be furniture-transformer. For example, one and the same object can be at the same time a sofa, a bed, and a writing table or a bookshelf.The ancestor of such wonderful objects for the interior is Germany. By the way, the sofa beds and folding tables - this is precisely the predecessors of modern transformers.

    Finally, it is worth noting: to implement any of these ideas, you need a reliable and proven supplier of upholstered furniture.

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