• Socks-foot mask - what it is, customer reviews

    Socks-foot mask - what it is, customer reviewsAll the ladies dream of being beautiful. Follow should be not only for the face, but for the legs, which men also pay attention to. Heels should be well-groomed, and this will help mask sock, which is a sock large size, which you put on the legs and secured with special Velcro. These socks are designed for one time.

    Depending on the brand, you can choose dimensionless masks or one of the three standard sizes. After applying, wait about three days and put on your socks again. Note that the mask makes peeling, heals and exfoliates the feet.

    Exfoliating mask socks for the feet

    An exfoliating foot mask will help you get rid of calluses, cracks that often occur on the feet, and coarsened skin. It will perfectly make the peeling and bring a healthy effect, making the skin tender, like a child's.The mask contains citrus and glycolic acid, so the procedure will be simple and painless. But the effect of the drug can be seen only after a couple of weeks. So you have to arm yourself with patience. Many companies produce similar tools, but Skinlite mask is very popular. Separately it is necessary to say about the mask for legs "Apricot". Apricot oil perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and also prevents cracking.

    How to apply mask sock?Socks-foot mask - what it is, customer reviews

    1. Wash your feet, hold them in a hot basin for about thirty minutes, and then dry them with a towel.
    2. Open the package and put the mask on the foot.
    3. Next, wear ordinary socks that fit snugly on your feet.
    4. The mask should be left for about an hour and a half. Do not lie on the couch, it is best to take a walk so that the solution is absorbed into your feet.
    5. Remove socks after use. Wash your feet under a warm shower. It is advisable to wear ordinary socks for the night and not remove them during the day, so that the skin exfoliates without injury.

    Socks-foot mask - what it is, customer reviewsNote that in addition to masks, you should use night and day cream, buy only high-quality shoes made of genuine leather in the store.Indoors, let your feet breathe, do not wear boots all day. Do not forget to visit the pedicure salon in the winter.

    Reviews of mask socks

    Many women have already tried the sock mask and gladly shared their feelings and the effect obtained on the Internet. Well, as with any tool, there are both pros and cons. First, let's talk about the merits. So, buyers note delicate skin after application, getting rid of corns and permanent corns. True, the effect did not come immediately, but gradually, within a month. Many note the convenient form of the mask. For example, one young lady writes: “You can easily practice your barrels, walk, cook, and the mask will stand on your feet. It is very convenient".Socks-foot mask - what it is, customer reviews

    The heels are tender and pink like a baby’s. Due to the presence of citrus acid, the mask removes the cornified layers of the epidermis. The mask does not pinch, you can easily move around in socks. And from the shortcomings, buyers emit a long process of wearing, as well as the subsequent two-week “peeling” of the skin from the feet. Strongly recommend the use of a mask in the summer. Perhaps a feeling of dryness after application.

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