• Sophie Turner gave out the spoiler of the ending "Games of Thrones"

    Anyway, the fans of the Game of Thrones now only have to wait for the spring of 2019 to see the final with their own eyes. In the meantime, Sophie Turner added fuel to the fire, which is not the first time that spoilers are being produced - but very metered. “Everyone will come together to fight the impending doom. There is a lot of tension between these small groups of people, but they all struggle together for what they think is right. This is the "Game of Thrones", so yes, even more deaths are waiting for us this season. The finale will be very bloodthirsty and emotionally painful! ”- shared the actress who plays Sansu Stark.

    Sophie added that she was delighted with the storyline of her heroine: “I always felt that she was learning and adapting. And at some point it had to turn her into a warrior. ”

    Publication by Sophie Turner (@sophiet)24 May 2018 at 6:42 pdt

    Her best friend and on-screen "sister" Macy Williams, too, was delighted with what ended the saga.“To be honest, the final will be fantastic.

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