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    Simple hodgepodge recipe

    Simple hodgepodge recipe

    Among hot, hearty meals soups rightfully occupy the first place. Solyanka is one of the most nutritious options for making dinner for the whole family. This soup fills the appetite thanks to several types of meat in the composition. And added smoked foods will give
    Quick soup with sausages

    Quick Sausage Soup

    To give the palm for the fact that there is such a first dish? The Germans and Austrians have long been using smoked meat, cooking them on the grill, frying in a frying pan. Liquid dishes with smoked sausages are not uncommon in various restaurants of the world. This recipe
    Preparation for soup and broth

    Billet for soup and broth

    We offer you a recipe for an easy soup dressing that can be used all year round. So, we need parsley or any other greens to your taste, boiled water and a mixture of seasonings or spices. Be sure to wash the greens well and clean
    Ear at the stake

    Ear on the fire

    Summer fish soup on the fire can be cooked not only from river or lake fish. From the sea, it turns out even tastier! For this dish you do not need to use good pieces, just enough head and trimming of red fish, such as trout, salmon or salmon.
    Chicken Soup in a Multivar

    Multicooker Chicken Soup

    Chicken soup in a multivarka is quick and easy to cook. An important advantage of this cooking method is that the home chicken in the slow cooker boils well and becomes soft, while on the stove this result can not be achieved.
    Delicious Homemade Borscht

    Delicious Homemade Borscht

    Everyone loves delicious homemade food. Traditional cuisine is always very tasty, satisfying and beautiful. Today I will teach you how to cook classic borscht and you will understand that everyone can do it.
    Learning how to make tasty borscht
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    Learn to cook delicious borscht

    The most popular first course of many cuisines of the world is the favorite borscht. Each hostess in the arsenal, of course, there are several options for its preparation. We offer you to cook this hearty, rich dish in our
    Rassolnik in Leningrad

    Rassolnik in Leningrad

    In many Russian families, it is customary to cook soups. Usually it is rich thick soup, borscht, pickle, which go well especially in winter. Coming from a frost, you will pour a plate of a steaming fragrant and satisfying brew - and at once the world will become kind, and you -

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