• Capelin spiced salted

    What a pity that this little sea fish is undeservedly ignored, and in fact it surpasses meat in the content of vitamin B and selenium. Very rich in iodine, fluoride, calcium and sodium, and, like all marine wild fish, is saturated with omega-3 fats. It is recommended to include capelin in your diet if you want to regulate the thyroid gland, cardiovascular system, avoid hypertension and increase in blood cholesterol. In addition, spiced salted capelin - it's just delicious! With mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes in a uniform, with a slice of black bread and onion, like a snack or salad. In order to try all this, you definitely need to learn how to quickly and easily pickle your capelin at home!


    • - fresh-frozen capelin - 0.5 kg;
    • - water - 150 ml;
    • - salt - 1.5 tsp
    • - coriander seeds - 1 h.;
    • - bay leaf - 2 pieces;
    • - carnation - 3 buds;
    • - allspice - 5-10 pcs.
    Cape salted spicy salted
    Cooking time: 12 hours. Servings: 3 pcs.

    Cooking recipe

    1.Defrost the capelin at a temperature of 18-20 or in the refrigerator on the lower shelf if you are engaged in salting in the hot summer. Then rinse defrosted capelin well, inspect that the whole fish has the proper appearance. While the capelin is being thawed, prepare salt and spices. You do not need to clean the fish from the entrails, it will be salted intact.
    Capelin spicy salted
    2. When all the excess water is drained, you can put capelin in a container suitable for pickling.
    Capelin spicy salted
    3. Prepare a pickling mixture of salt and spices pounded in a mortar (chop everything except bay leaf).
    Capelin spicy salted
    4. To capelin generously sprinkle with top of the pickling mixture, then mix it with your hands so that the spicy mixture gets on the fish from all sides.
    Capelin spicy salted
    5. Fill capelin with water at room temperature (filtered or cooled boiled) and put bay leaf in brine. If the water level does not cover the capelin completely - you can put a small dish on top to lightly flatten the fish with a light load.Cover the container with a lid and leave capelin for 12 hours in the room or all night. After the specified time or in the morning we move the container with the finished spicy salted capelin into the refrigerator.
    Cape salted spicy salted
    Now you can clean the fish, it is not so fragile anymore, it becomes more elastic after the weed, and therefore you can easily cut it into fillets - the bones and peel are well removed and beautiful pieces are obtained for canapes or on sandwiches. Spicy salted capelin is ready!

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