• Star brothers and sisters of famous dynasties

    Director Yegor Konchalovsky told how it is to work on the same platform with her sister, Ekaterina Dvigubskaya, and Anastasia Stotskaya about how she hooliganized with her brother, actor Pavel Maykov.

    Yegor Konchalovsky, director, actor

    Catherine Dvigubskaya, director, actress

    Yegor Konchalovsky:
    Egor Konchalovsky

    - I really liked the time when Katya was small. He loved to mess with her and put to sleep, calm. The birth of a second child for the first is probably stress, because he is beginning to fear that he will be less loved. This is due to the fact that the newborn is naturally given more attention. In our family this was not at all. It was not felt that now my rights would be infringed. On the contrary, he was always happy when he shook her and sucked something up. As for the games, she was silly, and we threw her, trampled. She went to the garden in three or four years. This, in my opinion, is not the most pleasant place for a child. I went to pick her up, and on the tram 20 minutes, and even had to wear it.I didn’t like all this, but, like my older brother, I did.

    Egor and Catherine with her mother Natalia Arinbasarova
    Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

    The school also became quite an interesting place, because my mother often had to leave for shootings, concerts. Katya and I remained together. By this time she went to the first class. I did well, better than me, so I didn’t have to help her with my lessons, but I taught her to walk them. When I had control or a whole series of unpleasant activities, I decided that Katya and I did not need to go to school that day, and we went with great pleasure, for example, to the zoo and had a great time there. Or in the cinema "Barricades" on Krasnaya Presnya. Sometimes I took Katya to school, I did not go there myself, and then I took her away. As an elder brother, I was not very responsible. Nevertheless, Katya was not offended at school, because they knew that she had me. Unfortunately, there was a period when I graduated from school, and Katya continued to study, she was sent to boarding school. The boarding was good, with french language. I went there a couple of times after Katya there, and I liked the boarding school even less than the kindergarten, because the children there are some kind of half-neglected ones. I do not reproach my mother in this regard. She was essentially one who brought us up.I went to the army, and she had no choice, because we did not have grandmothers who would sit with Katya. And she was in boarding school for two years.

    After serving, I went to the West, and when I returned in the late 1990s, Katya and I began to work together. At first she wanted to become an actress and studied at the acting department at VGIK with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. But Katya is a big personality, it is not enough for her to be just an actress, that is, just material in someone’s hands. The artist is a dependent figure on a number of circumstances - the director, his role. The role is so attached to some artists that they will forever remain Bormans, Stirlitz or Shurik. Kate of this was not enough and she began to direct, because directing is akin to conducting an orchestra. The conductor is the leader. This is a complex of traits of Katya's character, the skill of the actress and, naturally, the relationship with me, my brother, the closest person after my mother, and through me with the whole family of Mikhalkovs, who are all in the movies. All this played a role. But I did not influence her at all. Katya can not shoot what I shoot. And I'm not sure that I could shoot what she does. She is in demand as a TV series director.And recently there was a premiere of her serious tape, which I would call art-house. I liked the picture, touched by its depth, positive, mysticism. This is a film for her script. Katya is a great fellow. Once she makes such films, she is engaged in art.

    In 2009, I produced the series “Moscow, I love you,” and Katya filmed him as a director — one very nice short story. But putting it all together was difficult. There was a mass of artists - Dyuzhev, Filozov, Fateev, Tolkalina, my daughter Masha. I helped her as a producer, suggested how to mount. And her episode became one of the best in the film. We also filmed “Husband with home delivery,” where I fully relied on Katina's intuition and did not prevent her from creating at all. Katya comes to me more often, because my mother lives with me, and Katya hangs on her and me. By Kate, I come to Moscow on holidays. If she has problems, she turns to me. I am very glad that Katya was born. Bernard Shaw said: “We must not find ourselves. You have to build yourself. ” So Katya built herself brick by brick, with surprising consistency and purposefulness. She has a great husband, Sasha, who helps her, and I solve some problems in the movies.

    I actually have many sisters: my father, Andrei Konchalovsky, has four daughters. I try to see them. This is Alexandra (she is 48 years old, she is the daughter of a third wife, orientalist Vivian Mikhalkova. - Note. "Antenna"), who lives in the south of France, on the Cote d'Azur, Daria (she is 38 years old, she is a daughter from actress Irina Bragovka. - Note “Antennas”), which has 6 children and with whom I love to meet, the sisters Natasha and Lena (they are 27 and 25 years old respectively, they are daughters from the fourth wife, announcer Irina Martynova. - Note. “Antennas”), and also younger Masha (she is 19 years old, she is a daughter from the current spouse, TV presenter Julia Vysotskaya. - Approx. "Antennas"). With Sasha, we grew up in different epochs, with different systems and in different countries, so we were not particularly close. I see quite often with Natasha and Lena, and sometimes with Masha when I come to Italy or when Konchalovskys go to Moscow. But Katya is the closest to me, because she is maternal. We grew up together, and it is very important to have someone you care about and increase your level of responsibility.

    Catherine Dvigubskaya fondly remembers childhood and her older brother.

    Catherine Dvigubskaya:
    Catherine Dvigubskaya

    - Yegor remember years from five.The most vivid impressions were when we rested in Pitsunda (a resort town in Abkhazia. - Note. "Antennas") and Bolshevo (a district in the Moscow region near Korolev. - Note. "Antennas"). I was terribly proud of him, because girls and girls liked him very much. Already at the age of 16 he was known as a genius narrator and charming man. I'm always interested in him. He formed me in childhood and adolescence - music, movies. Especially I was taught to listen to English music - David Bowie and Phil Collins. At school, we skipped classes and went to the zoo. He walked, and I had to walk with him, because I was little, and he took me to school. In his adult life, he helps me. For example, somehow the producers did not pay me the money. With the help of Yegor, we solved this problem through the court and lawyers. My new film Dangerous Dances, which my brother is proud of, is now going through the festivals, but will soon be released on the screens. Egor helped me with mounting advice. I am very proud of him. This is a talented, intelligent man, a wonderful director. I love his picture "Antikiller". He has his own film language. My son, 10-year-old Timofey, loves his uncle very much. Despite the fact that he has a huge family, Egor finds time for his nephew, gives him gifts,is talking. Yegor has a beautiful office in a house in the Istra district, where Timofey loves to sit and hang out. Egor was for me the main man and partly replaced the father who spent time abroad, and my brother was near. He has a very strong male element. This may be the last generation of such men.

    Pavel Maikov, 42, actor, singer

    Anastasia Stotskaya, 35 years old, singer, actress

    Anastasia Stotskaya:
    Anastasia Stotskaya

    - I remember Pavlik as a teenager. I loved to spend time with him and his friends, sit, walk on KVNy, listen to how they chat, sing. We had fun, which I called "partisan." Our parents put us to bed, I was then five or six years old. And we were sneaking down the corridor closer to the kitchen, where mom and dad sat and talked, to which guests came. They noticed us - and with laughter we ran back to bed. And then they started again, and all this was incremental, until the parents flew into the room in a frenzy. It made us laugh in an ineffable way. We laughed to tears, and every evening I pushed Pasha to go partisan. We loved spending time with adults, listening to their conversations. Our parents are cheerful, sociable (they have a common mother, artist Anna Stotskaya,and different fathers: Anastasia was born in marriage with resuscitation specialist Alexander Stotsky, Pavel - from marriage with driver Sergey Sergutin. - Approx. "Antenna"). Once Pavlik was left at home with me, and friends came to him, before whom he was ashamed that he was sitting with his younger sister. And he put me in a bag, which I put in the closet, where I sat quietly. He did not like it at all when he was asked to sit or walk with me, while his friends at that time were chasing the ball. But we had no serious quarrels. I also remember, he sang songs for me, Vysotsky, ABBA. Now see each other very little. I have two children (seven-year-old Alexander and a one-year-old Vera. - Note. "Antenna"), and we meet only on holidays. But we are aware of what happens to everyone in life. Glory, it happened, came to us at the same time. I have never been jealous of his success. Did not review his films. I'm afraid that not even all the work I know him.

    Photo: Lori photo bank
    Pavel Maikov:
    Pavel Maykov

    - We do not follow the work of each other, because as real artists we are engaged only in ourselves. I sometimes come to her premiere, and sometimes she can come to my concert - that's all. There is no zeal for the success of each other: I do one thing,she is different. I was not a good brother, I did little of it. This is all due to the large gap in age. I remember that I was beating her periodically. There was, of course, envy. When she was born, I became sad. This is a serious moment for a senior. I didn’t want anyone, my parents wanted it and brought it home - here, get it, love it and take care. They all kissed me in a soft spot, and here on you - such a kozyavka started in the house.

    But over time, I loved her, and we played together. Although we had nothing in common. The only common period is when I was in school and we lived in the same room. And then I studied with my friends, and went to college - that's all, hello! I could not help her with the lessons, because I myself did not study well. Mom wanted me to do music, and I wanted something else and went to boxing and wrestling, basketball. We had no reasons for quarrels: we did not have a computer, there was a television set, but with four programs - what was there to share it? We and the books were different because of 7 years of difference. I was a boy, and she is a younger sister. I am 12 and she is 5. What were we to do together? I am 18 and she is 11. I have girls for a long time, they take me into the army. Inside the man is a huge black hole that eats everything around him. And very few people who can shut her up, and a sister as well.Now I am proud of her, because she is very talented and knows how to work. As a professional actor and singer, I can say that we have few such universal actresses who can sing, dance and play. And she does it all professionally. She sings better than me, but I don’t know how to move at all. And she is universal and, born in India, would have become a Bollywood star.

    Couple of phrases

    What is the most important thing you have learned brother or sister?

    Olga Arntgolts, actress:
    Olga Arntgolts

    - We are learning from each other so far in the profession. I am very pleased that when I watch some works of my twins (actress Tatiana Arntgolts. - Approx. "Antennas"), all the time I think: "Wow, how she does it!" It's great that I have an older sister, which I can admire and from which I can steal the style of the game or the creative notion!

    Anastasia Kostenko, model:
    Anastasia Kostenko

    - My beloved Dee, Dyushechka, Ding-Ding, sister Diana was born when I turned 10 years old. Now, when she is already 14, and I became a mother, in many respects competently taking care of the one and a half month Milana (from marriage with football player Dmitry Tarasov. - Note. “Antennas”) helps me with what I learned in childhood, taking care of Diana.Even then, the night vagaries did not frighten me, I didn’t strain my daily walks, and now I feel more experienced in matters of motherhood. Thank you sister! I love you very much, be the happiest!

    Roman Pavlyuchenko, bronze medalist of the European Football Championship:
    Roman Pavlyuchenko

    - The elder sister Oksana taught me the most important thing in this life - that there is nothing on earth more important than a family. It was to her, as well as mom and dad, I called first of all after each match to hear words of support. My sister helped me to score goals by going to church with my parents before the matches, praying and putting candles for victories.

    Sergey Svetlakov, actor, humorist:
    Sergey Svetlakov

    - Brother Dima, who is seven years older than me, taught me to break dance! During our youth, he arranged dashing discos in this style in our native Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg. - Note. "Antennas"), and his fame thundered throughout the city. Thanks to my little brother, I matured faster. Today I miss him a lot - we try to meet in Moscow on any trip he makes here.

    Jeanne Epple, actress, TV presenter:
    Jeanne Epple

    - nothing. Unfortunately, since our common dad died, Nikolay and I (he is from his father's second marriage) have stopped communicating, and he was then very young.Relations between relatives develop over the years, so now, when he is already quite adult, and I’m an elderly woman, there’s no way to renew them. It's a pity.

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