• Stylish manicure northern lights

    Beautiful and stylish marigolds always attract attention, so each girl seeks to make an unusual and bright manicure. A fresh and creative idea is the amazing “Northern Lights”. And how to achieve this effect? And what is needed for this?

    What is this manicure?

    "Northern Lights" - a fashionable and stylish manicure, created in several stages. On the nails such an effect really looks like the northern sky, illuminated by an amazing shine. This can be achieved in several ways, and even a beginner will be able to cope with some, since accuracy is not needed in this matter, and chaos is only welcome, because you will try to recreate a natural phenomenon.

    Manicure options

    How to make a stunning manicure "Northern Lights"? Consider two ways.

    Method one

    This method will be able to master even a beginner. To create a stylish manicure will need:

    • degreasing agent, for example, a primer or nail polish remover;
    • basic tool;
    • varnish base (gel polish can be used);
    • mirror rub (it is a kind of mirror sand or the smallest sparkles);
    • brush or sponge;
    • UV lamp;
    • final coating;
    • manicure set.


    1. First you need to do a manicure, removing excess skin and sliding the cuticle. Also shape the plates and sand them if necessary.
    2. Next, degrease the nail plate.
    3. Apply a base coat, dry it in an ultraviolet lamp for two minutes.
    4. Proceed to applying the main varnish. It will take two layers, each one is dried, but after the last drying, the sticky layer should remain, it will become the basis for rubbing.
    5. Take a brush, rub in and apply it directly on the adhesive layer. Then literally rub the glitter into the nail plate with your finger or sponge. Dry your nails.
    6. Apply the final coating and fix it with an ultraviolet lamp.

    Tip: if you want the manicure to look like in the photo in fashion magazines, then slightly change the technology described above. So, use metallic lacquer or iridescent with glitter as a base. And rub in not only on the entire nail, but on its individual sections, for example, on the edges or, on the contrary, closer to the base.It is also acceptable to apply strips or arcs, which will create interesting overflows.

    Second way

    This method is more complex and requires a professional approach, as well as certain creative abilities and artistic skills.

    Here is what you need:

    • degreaser;
    • basic coverage;
    • tassel;
    • several varnishes of metallic shades (for example, blue, green, yellow);
    • final coating;
    • manicure tools.

    Process description:

    1. First prepare the nails. Do a manicure, removing all unnecessary and giving the plates a shape, as well as aligning them. Then treat the nails with a degreaser to increase adhesion to the varnish.
    2. Apply the base coat, put the nails into the UV lamp for a couple of minutes.
    3. Now apply the background paint. It is advisable to choose the darkest one, since it will simulate the nighttime northern sky. One layer is enough, but it must be sufficiently dense, so in case of spaces it is worthwhile to apply the second layer.
    4. Next, start creating, that is, creating glare of the northern lights. To do this, make chaotic strokes, arched or smooth zigzag lines with different varnishes, applying them with a brush.Until the funds are dry, blur the transitions between tones with a brush. This is a creative process, but you should be careful and make confident movements to achieve the desired effect. Dry the coating under the lamp.
    5. Apply the final product and, if desired, complete the manicure with a stylized design.


    Some tips:

    • To a manicure was more persistent, it is better to use gel-lacquer.
    • Creating a background, use colors as close as possible to the shade of the starry sky. Ideal for blue or purple. And for the effect of the shine itself, you can use such colors as bright blue, mint, green, yellow, lilac. In this case, the northern sky on your nails will be as realistic as possible.
    • Complete the manicure with stars. You can make them using rhinestones or large sequins, and the professional will be able to paint them with silvery lacquer. Other interesting design ideas can be found by examining examples.

    Try and show imagination, and your manicure will be amazing!

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