• Stylish things from transparent plastic - hit of spring 2018

    Use plastic in clothes began in the 60s of the last century. Then the new material literally made a splash. Fashion is cyclical, and in 2018, things of an unusual cut and bright texture are again at the peak of popularity. Get at least one item from the list below and you’ll be in the spotlight all season.

    Jackets, raincoats and raincoats

    Everything is very logical here. That is how clothes that save from heavy rain should look like. However, the new season offers more capital things, decorated with details and accessories, which are more common to see on things from other materials. Outerwear can be both completely transparent and matte.

    Futuristic design shoes

    The variety of models is amazing - choose everything from long waterproof boots to light graceful sandals. The most careful can advise the classic model with a transparent heel.

    Bags and Wallets

    Accessories for those who have nothing to hide.If you still would like to keep your secrets away from prying eyes, put an extra cover in a transparent bag. And the bravest can be advised to wear two bags at once! No matter how revolutionary this trend may seem, designers have been using it in their shows for several seasons.

    Plastic accessories

    If you are not ready to replace the usual things from your wardrobe with transparent ones, start with a belt or jewelry. The image of 2018 can even combine several transparent things at once.

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