• Sunburn at home

    The chocolate skin color in women drives men crazy, refines the appearance of businesswomen, looks gorgeous in the winter months. The male half of the population is not far behind the fashion trends for tanned skin, as well as women, they use the services of a tanning bed, use home tanning products.

    What is a tan? This is the result of ultraviolet light on the cells of the upper layer of the skin - the epidermis. A natural tan can be obtained after visiting the beach, taking air baths in the fresh air. Artificial tanning is obtained after visiting a tanning salon, exposure to skin of special cosmetic preparations.

    Tanning cosmetics are divided into manufactured goods and home-made preparations according to popular recipes. With the help of those and other means you can get a beautiful even shade without leaving your home.

    Sunburn at home

    Benefits of home tanning

    With prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, dehydration of the epidermal cells occurs, the skin becomes dry, loses a healthy glow, is prone to the formation of wrinkles.Modern cosmetic "tanning" saturated with moisturizing ingredients, vitamin supplements.

    Home tanning methods are recommended:

    • People suffering from "heat" allergies (with a long stay in the sun, irritation, peeling, itching of the skin appear).
    • With intolerance to ultraviolet radiation.
    • With sensitive skin (instantly "burned" in the sun).
    • For business people with no free time.

    Sunburn at home

    A dark skin tone acquired at home prepares the skin for a natural tan, for example, on the beach. Dark skin is not subject to "burning" in the sun. Another advantage of tanning - the ability to select the desired skin tone: from light golden to dark chocolate.

    Cons of artificial tanning

    • It is not recommended to use preparations of industrial production to people with intolerance of smells. Tanning cosmetics have a specific aroma.
    • At non-observance of rules of drawing means skin gets an uneven shade.
    • A small "life" of artificial tanning. When using the purchase of funds, the shade lasts no more than 2 weeks.With regular use of folk remedies, the effect lasts much longer.

    Who is not recommended to "sunbathe" at home

    1. Industrial autosunburns, cosmetics for giving the skin a chocolate shade contain components that affect the hydrolysis of the epidermis. Do not use drugs with people with dry skin. In extreme cases, after the procedure it is necessary to “nourish” the skin with moisture - apply a moisturizer.
    2. You can not use the purchase of funds in the presence of acne on the skin, pustular eruptions. With the opposite effect, the disease will intensify.
    3. It is not recommended to use tanning for colds.

    Sunburn at home

    How to prepare skin for sunburn

    Before the procedure of applying any product for tanning is recommended to adhere to the rules:

    1. If you use the tanning industry of any texture (cream, emulsion, oil, napkins), you need to familiarize yourself with the composition of the drug, the instruction for use. It is not recommended to increase the time of application in order to avoid uneven coloration of the skin.
    2. Before using the tool to test for the possibility of an allergic reaction: apply a small amount of the mixture on the inner surface of the ankle joint. Estimate the result in a few hours.When itching, redness, scaling, wash out the cosmetic product, apply hypoallergenic ointment.
    3. To prevent dyeing of hair and eyebrows, it is recommended to apply a greasy cream or oil on the radical hair zone and eyebrows.
    4. Applying tanning on the face. The skin in the frontal area is processed first. Then, lightly apply the drug to the rest of the face.

      Attention: in the zone of superciliary arches, under the nose part, the tanning effect may be enhanced. This is due to the increased content of sebum.

    5. Sections of the skin on the folds is not recommended to grease with a thick layer of tanning.
    6. Before the procedure, it is recommended to carry out hygienic procedures, including skin treatment with peeling. Remaining on the skin dead scales of the epidermis can spoil the result: the tan will be uneven.
    7. After applying the tanning agent, evaluate the result of the first layer after 8 hours. The second layer is applied after the full development of tanning.
    8. After applying the product to the skin, it is not recommended to wear clothes until the drug is completely absorbed. When using folk recipes (baths), let the skin dry naturally.You can not wipe the body with a towel.
    9. Before staining for three days, dry skin is recommended to lubricate with a moisturizer.
    10. To give the whole body a brown tint, two people should participate in the procedure.
    11. For a lasting effect, you need to balance nutrition. Include melon, peaches, persimmons, carrots, tomatoes in the diet.

    Industrial Cosmetics for Tanning

    A beautiful chocolate shade can be obtained with the help of purchased cosmetics. The range of tanning is quite wide. For successful application it is recommended to study the instructions for the use of the preparation, to fulfill the requirements for application of the drug.

    • Cream - tanning for body and face

    It is recommended to select this agent taking into account the type and tone of the skin. Before applying (for 24 hours), you need to make hair removal of legs, arms, bikini area. On the day of applying artificial sunburn should take a shower, make a peeling. The procedure for skin toning should start with the lower extremities. In this way, uniform staining of the entire surface of the body is achieved. To avoid the appearance of ugly bright spots, it is recommended to mix the autobronzator with a small amount of moisturizing cream.

    • Napkins - tanning

    Chocolate tint of the skin is achieved due to the interaction of the natural dye melanin and the chemical compound found in the composition of the wet wipe.

    In contrast to the cream and emulsion, the percentage of amino acids, tyrosine, dihydroacetone allows you to dye the skin with napkins in minutes. Minus: rubbing the skin with a tanning agent should be quickly in order to avoid the appearance of sharp boundaries between parts of the body.

    • Lotion - tanning

    Recommended for primary skin toning. Does not leave stains due to the low content of dihydroacetone. Can be used several times a day. With regular use has a lasting effect.

    Sunburn at home

    • Soap for artificial sunburn

    Available in jars with high sides. The consistency of the soap resembles a thick paste. Easy to apply. It has a lasting effect with regular use. The product has the smell of chocolate. It is not recommended to apply to persons with hypersensitivity to fragrances.

    • Emulsion for chocolate shade

    The solution is in a bottle with a spray.It has a quick effect: five minutes after applying the emulsion on the body, the skin acquires an even golden shade.

    The emulsion is widespread among Hollywood stars, film actors and just business people. Using the emulsion you can stay tanned all year round. It does not take much time to apply the cosmetic.

    If the tan turned out uneven

    For several reasons, the tanning procedure can fail. In order to “dilute” the concentrated shade of the tan on a certain part of the body, you need to apply a greasy cream and massage the skin a little. Then blot the skin with a paper tissue.

    If the result exceeded all expectations, it turned out an unnatural skin tone (bright, carrot, red), it is recommended to immediately take a shower, process the skin with a light peeling. At the end of the water treatment, apply a moisturizer to the body. Re-staining is possible after five days.

    How to use a germicidal lamp for home tanning?

    You can give your face a beautiful shade of tan using a portable quartz lamp. Bactericidal lamp sold in specialized medical departments, pharmacies."Blue lamp" in everyday life is used for skin disinfection, treatment of pustular diseases, ARVI.

    How to sunbathe?

    • Take a comfortable position.
    • Put a germicide lamp in front of your face. Attention: the distance between the lamp and the skin must be at least fifteen centimeters.
    • Before the procedure, wear dark glasses. During the procedure, the eyelids should be closed.
    • The first procedure should not last more than one and a half minutes. To record the time, it is recommended to buy an hourglass at the pharmacy or use a stopwatch.
    • The time for subsequent sessions should be increased by one and a half minutes. You can not allow exposure to the skin UV rays for more than twenty minutes.
    • The procedure is carried out once every 24 hours.
    • After tanning apply a moisturizer to the skin.

    Sunburn at home

    Folk ways for an even tan at home

    1. Chamomile tan
    • Chamomile - 100 g
    • Turn - 100 g
    • Water - 1 l

    The grass can be used natural or in a dry form. Plants finely chopped, dried. Add the required amount of herbs to the boiling water. Put the container on a slow fire. After boiling leave on the stove for 15 minutes. After the time, cover the pan with broth and cover with a towel for 30 minutes. Cool broth to room temperature.Chamomile composition has a beneficial effect on the skin, moisturizes the epidermis.

    1. "Tea" tan
    • Indian tea (large leaf) - 100 g
    • Water - 0.5 l

    Sunburn at home

    Brew tea in the usual way. Wipe the skin daily with a cotton pad or a soft sponge dipped in tea leaves. For a smooth beautiful shade will require 14 procedures.

    Buy a golden hue to help the bath with the addition of tea leaves. It is recommended to brew two liters of strong tea at one time.

    In the absence of ground coffee beans, cocoa powder can be used. Mix the ingredients until a homogeneous thick mass. Apply neatly to the skin. Wash off the formula after fifteen minutes in the usual way.

    1. Bulb bath

    Remove the husks from five large bulbs, pour them with boiling water (2.5 liters of water). Insist a decoction for 1 hour. Add to hot bath. The procedure time is 30 minutes. It is recommended to take baths for seven days.

    1. Iodine spraying

    With the help of medical iodine, an effective imitation of tan is achieved.


    • Iodine - 10 drops
    • Water - 0.5 l
    • Spray bottle

    How to apply:

    Pour water into a glass container. Add 10 drops of iodine. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.Pour the coloring mixture into a spray bottle. Apply the mixture on the body, spread it over the body with a soft sponge.

    Iodine baths can replace spraying: pour hot water into the bath; add 5 ml of iodine. The procedure time is 15 minutes (depending on the desired shade).

    1. Rubdown with manganese

    Inject a weak solution of potassium permanganate: add 3 - 4 grains of manganese to 1 liter of water. Warning: particles of the coloring matter must be completely dissolved in water. In case of contact with the grains of potassium permanganate, burns may occur.

    After thoroughly stirring the solution, wet the edge of the towel, rub the mixture into the skin.

    1. Carrot mask

    The mask will require one carrot. Squeeze the juice with a juicer. Apply the composition to the skin, rubbing the juice evenly with massage movements. In ten minutes take a warm shower. The procedure is recommended at bedtime. After the procedure, the skin becomes smooth, silky, has a beautiful shade of light tan.

    Sunburn at home

    1. Cocoa Ice Cubes

    Recommended for use on the face, neck, hands. Cocoa powder is dissolved in water to a mushy state.Mix the mixture, pour into ice molds, put in the freezer. After 4 hours, the cubes are ready for use. Wipe face, neckline, hands with ice cubes. The procedure is recommended in the morning. Ice cubes from cocoa will pull up the skin. Give it a natural chocolate shade.

    1. Oil Based Sun Mask


    The ingredients are mixed, poured into a bottle with dark glass. Store cosmetic in a dark cool place (in the refrigerator). Shake before use. Apply the product to clean, dry skin. The oil will give the skin an even dark shade.

    1. Baths with blue clay


    Stir components, add to hot bath. Thirty minutes to complete the procedure. Let the body dry naturally.

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