• Surfer artist struck all the portraits of women in abandoned buildings!

    At first you might think that this surfer just chose a strange place to ride the surf ... but when you see the result of his work, you will be pleasantly surprised!

    Street artist Shaun Yoro (), known in social networks as Hula, came up with an interesting way of putting graffiti on the walls of destroyed and abandoned buildings. The surfer decided not to depart far from his native water element and made his own horse of it.

    He swims to the walls on the surfboard, deftly balancing with cans of paint. Sean paints beautiful murals of girls as if they appear from the water.

    Early Sean painted portraits on canvas and old surfboards, but now he paints beautiful women near water. The image reflects from the water, creating the illusion of reality.

    Work on each drawing can take from several hours to four days ...

    The artist uses only non-toxic paints for his drawings.

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