• Suspension Repair

    Recently, I began to notice squeaks when the car was moving, but today the car even swayed slightly. Tell me where in Minsk you can repair the suspension, or you can do it yourself.
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    Due to the terrible condition of the roads, vehicle suspension systems are more often repaired than other systems, and the quality of spare parts has little effect on their breakdowns. You first need to diagnose and then you will understand the complexity of the work.
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    To repair the suspension, we need special tools, a place for a car to raise it and, of course, time, knowledge and experience. After repairing the suspension, it is recommended to align the wheels.
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    I believe that it is still better for you to contact the professionals at the service station, they will be able to determine the degree of wear of the suspension, and also check the braking and steering systems associated with the suspension. Pay attention to the repair of the suspension here. Call, ask your questions.
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    You can do it yourself. Now there are a lot of blogs where people describe in detail the problem and its solution. Look and think what you do.
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    I think that it�s hard to do it myself. And even if it works, you will lose a lot of time. It is better to contact the master of your business, save time and nerves.

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