• Tabata, or Training for a flat stomach and ballerina posture + video

    Among the variety of options on the topic of sports for themselves, functional training has always occupied an honorable place in the schedule of group classes of any fitness club and, that there is a curse, in our heart too. Super Sculpt, Club Power and other programs that simultaneously combine aerobic and power loads - raise your hand, who has never been to these? Fun and fervently galloping on the stepe in an embrace with dumbbells at least once all. However, an expensive fitness club on vacation with you can not take, and keep yourself in good shape always and everywhere.

    What to do?! To train on the “Tabata protocol”.

    Minute self, or what is the point?

    Tabata is a high-intensity version of the usual fitness that combines everything we love, namely strength exercises and aerobics, lasting four minutes. Developed a training in the 80's, the coach of the Japanese Speed ​​Skating team Izumi Tabata: athletes were offered for four minutes with maximum intensity to pedal the bike,alternating 20-second activity with a rest of 10 seconds. And so 6-8 times ...

    To us, mere mortals, it is not at all necessary to achieve their fitness goals, having weighed themselves with electrodes, to pedal as crazy, because the fitness industry long ago shifted the 20/10 scheme to the philistine motive, having developed dozens (if not hundreds!) Of exercises for training in the style of "tabata".

    Modern training of “tabata” can consist of several (from 4 to infinity) 4-minute cycles of 5–8 exercises, the intensity of which (activity time and rest time) depends solely on your physical fitness.

    What is the use?

    If a single four-minute cycle can be compared with a warm-up, then a cycle of 4 or more laps is comparable in value to a 45-minute “self-examination” in the hall:

    • Tabata is the best fat burner in the world. Honest training accelerates the metabolism several times faster, so that fats continue to melt even when you are already at rest. In the case of other versions of cardio, you need to sweat well before the body enters the fat burning phase.
    • Due to its specificity, this kind of training allows the body to get the maximum anaerobic load,in which the heart muscle is strengthened, endurance increases, and muscle relief is formed. The most pleasant thing is that after training in the format of a tabata you literally flit out of the hall (at home), because they are full of energy, while power and aerobic exercises sometimes exhaust.
    • 4 x 4 = 16 + rest for 2-4 minutes. On average, a full-fledged training session takes from 20 to 45 minutes, and the day is already not in vain.

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    Well, have we managed to convince you of the benefits of the tabath? Then stele the mat, the timer to start - and forward, disperse the metabolism.

    What are we doing?

    Lunge backward jumping

    Starting position: standing, feet shoulder width apart, back straight.

    For a couple of times we make a leap back, not rounding our back.

    Three to four, pushing with your front foot, jump up, leading the knee of the back leg to your chest.

    Jumping on the spot with a touch

    Starting position: standing, feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, looking forward, and do not try to lower it.

    On each account we jump out, with socks touching the steppe.

    Push-ups with full chest touching the floor

    Starting position: lying down.

    Perform push-ups for one or two.

    We look at the floor and keep your back straight.


    Starting position: sitting, legs bent at the knees, back straight.

    Straighten your legs at a 45-degree angle and, slightly leaning back, linger in this position for 30 seconds.

    Whatever happens, do not round your back and do not look down.


    Starting position: supine, arms extended behind the head, legs bent at the knees,

    At times do swing hands.

    Twice by inertia we perform twisting, touching the feet with the hands.

    Do everything in good faith: there, somewhere in the distance, you can already see your flat stomach and ballerina posture.

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