• Tele2: how to connect the tariff "Blue"?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    December 19, 2014
    Tele2: how to connect the tariff "Blue"?

    The tariff "Blue" from the mobile operator "Tele2" allows you to communicate for free within the network in your home region. You can connect it in various ways, consider them below.

    Personal Area

    To connect the tariff "Blue" you can use your personal account on the site of the operator "Tele2". To do this, follow this link:. Then go through the authorization and in the main menu, select the "Tariff Change" section. Then click on "Blue", and then click on the "Connect" button.


    Dial the following number from your mobile number: 630. Then follow the prompts of the system for connecting the tariff "Blue".

    USSD team

    Another option to activate such a tariff is to use a USSD command. To do this, dial the following combination from your mobile: * 116 * 52 # + "Call" key.

    Support service

    To connect the tariff "Blue" from the operator "Tele2", you can call the support service. To do this, dial the short number 611 from your mobile phone. After that, wait for the operator to answer and ask him to activate the tariff.

    Office of the company "Tele2"

    You can connect this tariff to your number in any of the Tele2 service offices. Going to the office, be sure to bring your ID. Contact a free specialist and ask him to activate the tariff "Blue".

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