• Test: how do you feel about the world

    Test: "House Elf"

    Important Conditions

    Testing should be conducted in a calm atmosphere, in a good mood and not more than once every six months. And here is an additional bonus: after six months, you can repeat the testing and follow the dynamics.

    Have drawn? Excellent. And now look where you painted the house.

    Hanging house

    If you put an elf in a house, hanging on a branch, this indicates your openness to people, about your faith in the decency of people. Nevertheless, you admit that meanness and anger have not been canceled, and therefore you are always on guard with people using such tactics. Your principle: "trust, but verify."

    The house on the branch (standing or nailed as a birdhouse)

    This choice demonstrates your openness to the world. You are a classic optimist and really sure that there are more good people than bad people.

    Mushroom house

    If you built an elf house inside the mushroom, this indicates your maximum caution. You are not particularly impressed by crazy adventures.But this does not mean that you are a boring person. For example, if you have any adventure or travel, you are happy to plunge into their planning and think through all the moments very carefully. You do not have many friends, but they are all real, time-tested and joint difficulties.

    Mushroom house with windows

    You are careful, but not against communication with people. The more windows you have in an elf house, the higher your willingness to make new social connections.

    Mushroom house without windows

    If the house of the elf turned out to be "without windows, without doors", you are a classic introvert, preferring loneliness to noisy companies. In addition, you are suspicious of the world, subconsciously waiting for a trick.

    House by the river

    If your hero settled by the river, this indicates your romance and in places - about sentimentality. You often look at the world through rose-colored glasses, inventing positive qualities to some of them, which they do not have. You prefer to build illusions, and then long experience your disappointments.

    House in the grass or on the hill

    If you identified an elf in a land area, this means that you are a confident and practical person. You can always sensibly assess what you can expect from fate, and what you can expect later.Do not build illusions. Also, you competently overcome difficulties and know how to enjoy every moment.

    If you lined uphouse in the hill (dugout), it says about your closure. And this is not necessarily your innate quality. Perhaps something happened to you that shattered your trust in people: for example, you were hurt or betrayed. And now your desire to hide from others, to merge with the outside world - this is quite an ordinary defensive reaction.

    By the way, if you paintedwide entrance to the dugout and windowsThis means that you are approaching emotional balance and are ready to restore healthy contacts with people.

    Test "Animal Squared"

    Want to know who you are in the world around you? What is your character? Then draw a little more.

    Test "Animal Squared"

    Important Conditions

    Testing should be conducted in a calm atmosphere, in a balanced mood and no more than once every six months.

    What do you see in the picture? A set of different squares? Not really. This is an aviary with different compartments or even without them, depending on how you see it. In the aviary lives animal that you have just submitted. Draw your pet in the place of the enclosure where it should be.

    Have drawn? Excellent. And now look where you put your pet.

    If your pet is turnedin the upper right square, you move mountains to achieve your goals. You love to work tirelessly, and your deeds coincide with your words and promises. Your motto: “Better bitter truth than a sweet lie.” Because of your directness, you sometimes find yourself in a situation of disappointment and failure. And it knocks you off track.

    Pet's roomin the upper left squaredemonstrates your desire to live peacefully and measuredly. You work well in a team, but do not like fuss. In accordance with this, you strive from time to time to get away from people, turmoil and time trouble in order to bring order to your head and calm down.

    If your pet has housedin the lower right square, you are decisive and prefer to achieve their own at all costs. But often your sense of purpose and high level of perseverance scare people away from you, because you forget about their interests. You are annoyed by criticism and any other information, the opposite of your beliefs. In this regard, you often lose in confrontations, without being able to understand the other.

    If your pet is turnedin the lower left square, you are soft and obedient, love to work among people, to share with them the joys and sorrows about joint work. You also realize yourself well in the family, giving your family your love and care. Love praise, but do not know how to calmly accept criticism, because it hurts you. At work and in personal relationships, they value you, but they often “ride on your neck”, taking advantage of your inability to refuse.

    If you put your petin a small extension on the leftThis is evidence of your originality and the constant desire to do everything to be different from others. If your pet is so large that it has gone beyond the extension, it means that it is already difficult for you to fit into the framework imposed by society.

    If you settled a petin a large rectangle(saw an aviary without compartments), this indicates that you are a person who knows his own worth. Know how to submit yourself to society. In acquaintance and further communication with people you never experience difficulties. You need maximum attention from people, and often you do everything to get hold of them.

    If your pet is turnedin a large rectangle behind bars(that is, you changed the internal cross onto the cell, drawing the lines), this indicates your maximum desire for leadership and power. But at the moment you do not see for yourself the suitable options for the realization of your dreams.

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