• The advantages and disadvantages of snail cream

    Every year the cosmetic market is replenished with new and new means. For example, a few years ago appeared and made a real sensation of a street cream. Is it really useful? And how to choose the best one?

    Of what do?

    The main component of the cream is a clandestine secret called mucin. This is the mucus secreted by snails, and it is divided into two categories:

    1. The secret used to facilitate movement on any surface (it provides gliding).
    2. The secret of snails in stressful situations. He is responsible for the regeneration of body tissues and therefore is more useful and valuable.

    It should be noted that the snails do not suffer from getting and extracting mucus. In general, the same creatures that are used as a delicacy product for the preparation of various dishes give mucin. They are grown on organic farms in Colombia and Chile under ideal conditions. To extract the secret, the snails are placed in a special device and begin to shake.Thus, creatures become nervous and secrete unique mucus, which is processed and supplied to cosmetic companies.

    What does cream contain?

    The composition of the snail secretion includes the mass of useful substances, such as allantoin, elastin, glycolic acid, antibacterial components of natural origin, collagen, as well as vitamins C, E and A.

    Beneficial features

    The benefits of snail cream due to its constituent components. This tool has an impact in several directions:

    1. Elastin, collagen are substances responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. These are real building blocks for new healthy cells, but unfortunately, with age their reserves may dry up due to a decrease in the synthesis of such components. And so the cream allows you to smooth fine lines and make smaller ones less noticeable.
    2. Since the secret is used to repair tissues, it has powerful regenerating properties, so necessary fading or damaged skin.
    3. The composition can detect antioxidants of natural origin.And they, firstly, slow down the processes of premature aging, secondly, neutralize the effects of harmful free radicals, and thirdly, they have an anti-inflammatory effect.
    4. Vitamins E and A are simply necessary for normalizing the structure and improving the skin condition. Vitamin A levels and makes the tone more natural and fresh, and E helps nourish the cells.
    5. Accelerated and active tissue repair allows making defects such as scars, stretch marks, post acne less visible.
    6. Mucin is also useful for various dermatological diseases, such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis. The condition of the skin improves markedly.
    7. Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and increases their elasticity, allowing you to avoid rosacea and swelling.
    8. Natural antibiotics can kill pathogens and prevent tissue infections that can cause acne.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    If you decide to buy a street cream for the face, then first find out all its pluses and minuses. Start with the benefits:

    • Natural ingredients in the composition. Mucin is a natural substance.
    • Intensive nutrition.Snail secretion contains a lot of various nutrients that are so necessary for the skin, especially the fading, weakened or damaged.
    • The tool is suitable for sensitive and inflammatory skin, as it has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. In general, the type of epidermis can be any.
    • The cream is suitable for all ages, no restrictions.
    • Effective rejuvenation. Snail cream will really make the skin more youthful, fresh and attractive.
    • Relatively low cost. Since obtaining mucin is not a very expensive and time consuming process, creams based on this component are not so expensive (especially if compared with others).

    Now the disadvantages:

    • Insufficient moistening. If the skin is excessively dry, then the snail cream will not be able to moisturize it fully, as it contains a small amount of moisturizing ingredients. So either purchase a product with an additional moisturizing effect, or use a greasy cream separately.
    • The composition may include artificial additives, in particular, preservatives, preserving the properties of snail secretion and extending the shelf life of funds.

    Creams review

    How to choose the best cream containing a street secret? Perhaps you will be helped by a brief overview of different brands:

    1. "Mizon All in one snail repair cream" is a multifunctional and practically universal remedy that contains not only the snail secret (and in high concentration), but also some other components: extracts of arnica, green tea leaves and raspberries, birch sap, adenosine, tripeptides and so on. But there are almost no artificial substances in the composition.
    2. Missha's Super Aqua Cell-Renew Snail Cream contains snail extract, sea water, portulac extract, betaine, adenosine, baobab extract, meristematic plant cells, and hyaluronic acid. All this allows you to deal with such problems as inflammation, age spots, wrinkles, sagging, and so on.
    3. SCINIC Snail Matrix Cream. There is a snail secret in it about 90%, and it is very much. But there are other equally useful additional components, for example, panthenol, betaine, adenosine, vitamin E, epidermal growth factor, aloe leaf powder and hyaluronic acid. Parabenov, dyes and alcohol is not here, and the tool is suitable for all skin types.
    4. “INTENSE CARE SNAIL CREAM” by Tony Moly. It contains about 70% of snail mucin, as well as an extract of the Asian Centella. This cream is designed for fairly mature skin of any type.Among the advantages are the absence of artificial components in the composition, for example, hormones, mineral oils, GMOs, alcohol and parabens.
    5. Purebess Snail School Cream. The composition of this tool to 90% snail secretion, and it is supplemented with olive oil, as well as green grape extract. The cream helps to slow down the aging process of the skin, narrow pores, eliminate hyperpigmentation, nutrition and hydration of the epidermis. It is suitable for sensitive or tired skin prone to various inflammations.

    If you are still in doubt, then by all means buy this cream and evaluate its effect.

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