• The annual contest of budget and elegant wedding dresses was held under a new, unexpected and even weird slogan

    The annual competition of budget and chic wedding dresses (Cheap Chic Weddings) for the 11th time was held under a completely new, unexpected and even odd slogan: only dresses made of ... toilet paper are accepted for the competition. And this is not a typo! The competition gathered, as every year, talented designers from around the world, who this time set a new goal. But who will refuse the seductive prize of $ 10,000? And the designers began their work, and spent many months on it before the competition ... But the result was so stunning that I could hardly believe that simple toilet paper was taken as the base material for these wedding dresses ...

    Look: these non-standard wedding dresses were made in the same style as regular ones: with full and straight skirts, with lace and ribbons, with ruffles and appliqués. In fact, apart from the material and design, there is nothing more than a standard wedding dress.

    And here is the winner of the competition - the dress designer Dona Winkler. The judges really liked the unusual presentation of the design idea: a wedding dress with a cylinder, veil and a bow tie.

    Dona admits that she spent 3 months on this dress, 22 huge rolls of toilet paper and a lot (!) Of glue.

    In second place was a dress with a lush skirt and a voluminous rose on her shoulder:

    The third place belongs to a charming wedding dress, decorated with hundreds of roses from toilet paper:

    Here are the three winners:

    Of course, many other dresses were not ignored.

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