• The best films of the first half of 2018 are named

    In second place is the comic book Avengers: War of Infinity, about an intergalactic tyrant who seeks to collect all six Infinity Stones, but is opposed by the densely populated Marvel universe.

    Closes the top three films of the first half of 2018 - the autobiographical drama "120 beats per minute" by Robin Campiyo about the Paris branch of Act Up, which fights for the lives of HIV-infected people.

    Also included in the list are the thriller Black Panther, Sex Will not Be, Brad Status, Secret Coco, Dark Times, Wild Ancestors, Fantastic Woman, Tonya Against All, Island of Dogs "," Lady Bird "," Rely on Pete "," With Love, Simon "," Secret Dossier "," Quiet Place "," Form of Water "," Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories "," Square "," Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri "," You've never been here "and, most pleasantly," Dislike "by Andrei Zvyantsev.

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