• The best lipsticks and glitter with metallic effect

    Fashion is cyclical, in this we have been convinced more than once. So this trend of the 90s, like metallic lips, is gaining momentum again. In 2018, he promises to be at the peak of popularity, so do not miss the opportunity to purchase one of the futuristic lipsticks and glitters with a metallic effect to radiate a glow and look like a guest from the future.

    The effect of metallic lips without lipstick

    You can simulate a metallic effect on your lips without special lipstick, but with the help of available tools. For example, you can use cream eyeshadow or dry, but mixed with balm. If you additionally shade the surface of the lips with a white pencil, the result will be very impressive.

    Crumbly pigments can also be an excellent tool. Just mix them with glitter and apply on lips. For greater shade intensity, shine in shine with shadows or pigment with your fingertips. Above the upper lip, where the tick is located, add a hailer and shade it around the entire contour.

    7 best metallic lip products

    Beauty Bakerie Metallic, Lip Whip

    Lip gloss with a metal finish looks spectacular on the lips, lasts throughout the day and easily tolerates food intake. After applying beauty products, the lips become like velvet, the metallic shade shimmers beautifully and creates the impression that the lips have become larger. Glitter is presented in ten shades, so everyone will be able to choose the appropriate option for different images.

    Beauty Bakerie Metallic Lip Gloss, Lip Whip

    Beauty Bakerie Metallic Lip Gloss, Lip Whip (590 rub. On a discount)

    Metal Lipstick, Kylie Cosmetics

    It is believed that it was the representative of the secular clan Kardashian-Jenner Kylie brought metal lipstick back into fashion. Metal Lipstick differs in saturated color, has a creamy texture, does not dry lips and has an incredible durability. There are plenty of shades in the line - from delicate nude to shocking black, so there will be no problems with the choice. Experiment with the color of lipstick and do not forget to take a picture for memory, because you are not so spectacular every day.

    Lipstick Metal Lipstick, Kylie Cosmetics

    Lipstick Metal Lipstick, Kylie Cosmetics (2 450 rub.)

    Perlees Matte Lipstick, Lime Crime

    Lime Crime lipstick has long gained popularity, so the brand did not miss the opportunity to create a product with a metallic effect. Perlees Matte Lipstick is soft, but dense, creamy, but not greasy, holds well, but does not make your lips heavier.The finish is completely matte, but the metallic luster is present, albeit not so pronounced, which is also not bad, because such lipstick can be worn for no reason, but just in the mood. In addition, lipstick has a very pleasant aroma, which doubles the mood.

    Lipstick Perlees Matte Lipstick, Lime Crime

    Lipstick Perlees Matte Lipstick, Lime Crime (1 790 rub.)

    Ultra Metallic Lip, ColourPop

    A popular American brand has created the perfect lip gloss that fits easily, does not emphasize flaws, leaves a very intense mark, and - most importantly - lasts a long time. Plus, the fact that the gloss evenly covers the lips does not leave "gaps", so you do not have to apply several layers. Ultra Metallic Lip has a fragrance that is not felt after application, so it does not irritate the sensitive sense of smell. The only negative: in our country, this beauty product is not yet available.

    Ultra Metallic Lip Lip Gloss, ColourPop

    Lip Gloss Ultra Metallic Lip, ColorPop ($ 6)

    Le Metallique Metallic Lip Lacquer, Lancome

    Lip varnish with a metal finish overflows as if at least gold has been melted on your lips, and lips are no worse than hyaluronic acid. That is why it is important that the lips are perfectly even, without cracks and roughness, before applying. The composition of Le Metallique Metallic Lip Lacquer includes vitamin E and grape seed oil, so the varnish works as a moisturizer. In a palette of 12 shades - from neutral pink to bold and bright purple and blue.But again, the tool is not yet sold here; it is best to look for it on foreign trips.

    Le Metallique Metallic Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss, Lancome

    Le Metallique Metallic Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss, Lancome ($ 22)

    Cosmic Metals Lip Cream, NYX

    Cream luster, metallic radiance, weightless creamy texture and a terrific shade - all this about Cosmic Metals Lip Cream. The tool lies on the lips with a thin even layer, and a flat applicator allows you to gently paint over the lip contour. After applying the impression that the lips are covered with thin liquid foil or gold, not otherwise. Make-up is not just spectacular, but also useful: vitamin E is present in the shine. The line includes 12 shades, but everything extravagant is turquoise, orange, blue, green, black and others, so you won't be able to wear it every day.

    Cosmic Metals Lip Cream, NYX Lip Gloss

    Cosmic Metals Lip Cream, NYX lip gloss (640 rubles).

    Color Riche Gold, L'Oreal

    Impeccable gold, neatly covering your lips, is very impressive and really looks as if your lips are poured with refined metal. Such a bright color will be a great addition to the image for any holiday where you need to literally shine and sparkle.

    Lipstick Color Riche Gold, L'Oreal

    Lipstick Color Riche Gold, L'Oreal (RUB 419 at a discount)

    Layfak! Since lipstick and gloss with a metallic effect visually enlarge the lips and make them much more expressive, it is important that the lips are well-groomed, without peeling, irritation,cracks and other imperfections.

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