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    If your goal is a slim figure, then you will surely select exercises that would allow you to make your body fit and beautiful in a short time. Find out what a superset is.

    What it is?

    What is a superset? In essence, it is an approach consisting of two different exercises combined into one. At the same time, there is no rest between exercises, which allows you to make training more intense and effective. It turns out that aerobic exercise and anaerobic are connected. As a result, the muscles work more actively, and the fats burn.

    It will be hot

    One approach is a dual exercise. How to select such exercises, we will tell below. But it is extremely important that the break (rest) does not exceed 30 seconds, otherwise the whole point will be lost.

    Superset can be performed both at home without special devices, and in the gym. If you prefer strength training, then it is better to work out on simulators, since they provide an additional and, importantly, the right load.

    Types of supersets

    In total, there are several types of supersets:

    • Exercises on one part of the body. During exercise, the load falls on one particular part of the body, for example, on the back, legs, arms, and chest.
    • Exercises for one muscle group. The trained muscle during exercises is worked out from all directions that allows to involve it as much as possible and to enrich with useful substances and oxygen. But this option is not suitable for beginners, since the load is significant, which increases the risk of injury. But for advanced and professional this option is the most suitable.
    • Superset on unrelated muscle groups. This option involves a combination of exercises for different parts of the body, for example, for the chest and biceps, the press and back. This option for beginners is optimal. Since, having worked through one muscle, the practitioner allows her to rest, moving on to exercises on another group of muscles. But it is worth noting that exercises that involve muscles that are in completely different parts of the body, for example, arms and legs, are unsuccessful and incorrect from the physiological point of view. It turns out that first the body will try to send all the blood to the hands, then it will have to move it to the foot area.As a result, the necessary and adequate nutrition will not receive any muscle group, and training will be ineffective.
    • Superset on antagonist muscles. Antagonists are those muscles that perform opposite functions, but are in close proximity to each other. For example, you can simultaneously work out the triceps, which is responsible for the extension of the arm at the elbow, and the biceps, which provides flexion. Such an approach will allow the maximum development of a specific area of ​​one part of the body.

    What does this give?


    So, what are the features and benefits of supersets? Here is what such training can give:

    1. First of all, superset is time saving. Instead of working on each of the muscles for a long time, you can do it quickly. And some supersets allow you to work on two muscle groups at once.
    2. This is an excellent and effective workout for weight loss. Pulse in the implementation of dual exercises increases, which means that blood circulation is accelerated and blood supply improves. Fast, proper and effective fat burning allows you to get rid of extra pounds.
    3. Being engaged in such a program, you can improve the work of the whole organism and make it more resilient. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems train and begin to work better during class. This means that all organs and systems receive more oxygen and nutrients.
    4. Surprisingly, supersets allow muscles to recover faster. So, after working through one muscle, it has the ability to recover while the other is working.
    5. During training in this way the muscles are much faster and better supplied with nutrients and oxygen than during normal exercises. And this means that after a couple of months, your body will become prominent. A combination of exercises for different muscle groups will allow you to change for the better harmoniously and evenly.

    How to do?

    You will sweat

    Here are some basic principles of training:

    • In general, rest between exercises within a single superset is not required. But if you are a beginner or have chosen too difficult exercises, then you can relax, but not longer than 20-30 seconds.
    • After each Superset you need a rest, the duration of which should be 1-3 minutes. Then you can go to the next superset.
    • The number of repetitions for one exercise can vary from 10 to 20 times, it all depends on the intensity of this exercise and its complexity. If you can not repeat the exercise more than 10 times, then you should not strain, it can be harmful and dangerous.
    • The duration of one workout can be from 30 to 60 minutes. A beginner will be enough for 10-20 minutes, but then time must be gradually increased, since a ten-minute workout will not be effective exactly. For one workout, you need to perform 10 to 20 supersets.
    • The frequency of training can be 2-4 times a week. Doing it once is meaningless.

    Exercise examples

    No rest

    We offer you the most effective exercises for supersets.

    Option One

    1. Exercise 1. Take dumbbells in your hands, legs spread on the width of the shoulders. Tilt the body so that the trunk is located perpendicular to the legs and parallel to the floor. Stretch your arms forward as you exhale, and then inhale pull them towards your chest. Perform 10-20 repetitions.
    2. Exercise 2: Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and spread shoulder-width apart. Take dumbbells in your hands and bend them in elbows. Now, while inhaling, simultaneously raise your arms with dumbbells and your pelvis (while the body should remain straight). On the exhale, return to the original position. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.

    Option Two

    1. Exercise 1: Sit on a chair, turning to face the back. Take dumbbells in your hands, place them over your back and lower it down. Bend your elbows on the exhale, and when you inhale, return them to their original position. Perform at least 15 repetitions.
    2. Exercise 2: Take the same position as with pushups, but place your hands on the floor next to each other. Bend your elbow and go as far as possible. Return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 12-15 times. If you find it difficult, bend your legs and lean on your knees, not on your toes.

    Option Three

    1. Exercise 1: Stand on all fours, leaning on your knees and palms. Bent at the knee, right leg lift so that the thigh is located parallel to the floor. Return the leg to its original position. Perform 15 exercises for one leg and the same for the other.
    2. Exercise 2: Place a chair in front of you, hold it with your hands. Bring your right leg back, bending at the knee. Bend your left leg slightly and pull your heel off the floor as high as possible. Sit as much as possible. Repeat 15 times for each leg.

    Choose your best supersets and practice regularly to see results.

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