• The contract with the rescue formation

    What function do they generally perform and is it necessary for all employers to enter into contracts with them? Or is it optional? Are their services expensive?


    Emergency rescue formation is necessary to eliminate emergency situations and prevent them. With this formation it is necessary to conclude an agreement so that they can help in an emergency - dangerous situation. The obligation to enter into an agreement with them lays down only on certain institutions in which dangerous situations may arise, for example, if there is a risk of explosion or chemical emissions. For other companies, the contract with the ASF is voluntary. Read, here is more information.http://xrl.ru/ru/about/ass.htm

    We did not enter into an agreement with emergency rescue units in due time, as the requirements did not necessarily have to be. But if you really may need their services, it is better to be safe

    Also concluded. It is not expensive; quite acceptable, but so needed a contract with them, and thank God. Better without incident)

    Quote: "Enterprises that are included in the list of high-risk facilities should, in case of an emergency, either enter into an agreement with the Emergency Situations Ministry, or create a similar service in their own enterprise," and not with an LLC.

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