• The cure for stupidity: these puzzles will make you smarter!

    British scientists, as always on their own wave, but this time they were stunned by unpleasant news: humanity is rapidly becoming stupid! We do not know if they tested only each other or were chosen by other humanity, but the conclusions of their research turned out to be very, very disappointing for you and me. According to the study, over the past 20 years, the average IQ has fallen by no less than 10 units, and at a pace, say British scientists, in 30-40 years, the average will fall to the level of mental disability!


    It's scary - horror, but there is still a way out. The reason for such a sharp decline in intelligence is that most modern people simply don’t need it in everyday life, and if they don’t load their brains themselves with something that requires a non-standard response, such as such logical tasks that are proposed below, the brain will be lazy!

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    There were five guys on the train - Lesha, Sasha, Kolya, Dima and Misha. They decided to talk with a neighbor on the coupe.To have fun, the guys offered to play riddles and guess their surnames, and, all of them said only one true and one false phrase.

    Dima: “My last name is Romanov, and the last name of Sasha is Plyushkin”

    Lesha: “Romanov is my last name, and Colin’s last name is Eliseev”

    Sasha: "Kolya's surname is Ivanov, and my name is Romanov"

    Kohl: “My surname is Eliseev, and the surname of Misha is Mazur”

    Misha: “Yes, my surname is Mazur, and the surname of Leshi is Ivanov”.

    What is the name of each friend?


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    We can assume Dima - Romanov. But if this statement is true, then Lesha and Boris should have other surnames, so the statements of Lesha-Romanov and Boris-Romanov are false. In this case, the statements of Kohl-Eliseev and Kolya-Ivanov must be true, but Kolya can not simultaneously have two surnames.

    Got a contradiction. Hence the assumption that the surname of Dima - Romanov is incorrect

    Suppose that Boris's name is Plyushkin.

    This case leads to a chain of inferences:

    statement Boris Plyushkin truthfully - statement Boris Romanov falsely - statement Kolya Ivanov truthfully - statement Lesha Ivanov falsely - statement Misha Mazur truthfully - statement KolyaYeliseyev is false - the statement of Alex Romanov is true.

    From this chain, we can conclude that the name of Dima is Eliseev.


    Photo source: pixabay.com

    Answer:Sasha - Plyushkin, Kolya - Ivanov, Misha - Mazur, Lesha - Romanov, Dima - Eliseev.


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    Oleg, Andrey and Pavel study different foreign languages: Spanish, Italian and French. When asked what language each of them was studying, one replied: “Oleg is learning Spanish, Andrei is not learning Spanish, and Paul is not learning French.”

    Later it turned out that in this answer only one statement is true, and the other two are false.

    What language does each of the young people learn?


    Photo source: pixabay.com

    Answer:Andrei is studying Spanish, Pavel is studying Italian, Oleg is studying French.

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