• Easter Vase

    With the approach of the Easter holiday, the housewives begin to generate ideas for various decorations and ways of coloring eggs. And so, everything seems to be beautifully painted, the cake drives you crazy not only with the flavor, but also with the variety of confectionery dressings, but something is still missing. The fact is that it is worth paying attention not only to the decoration of the meal, but also to the design of its presentation. To decorate my treat, I decided to make a basket like this.
     Easter vase
    For this I needed only three components:
    • newspaper;
    • PVA glue;
    • knitting needle.
    For this, I found it useful First of all, I cut several newspapers into such strips.
     three components
    On it I will show exactly how to twist the tubes. It is worth noting immediately that for better staining of newspaper tubes,it is better to use strips with fields, that is, the upper and lower bands. In this case, it is necessary to start spinning from the printed side so that the top layer is a field. Well, now the tube itself. We put the needle to the strip here at such an angle.
     such strips
    And we begin to wind all the strips on the knitting needle until a small corner remains. We put a drop of glue on it and twist it to the end.
     We attach a knitting needle
    The result is such a" building material "for future masterpieces.
    we put a drop of glue
    I say right away - you will need a lot of such tubes, so it’s best to make something out of stock. For the bottom of my vase, I decided to use a small square ornament. For this I needed 14 tubes. They are laid perpendicularly to each other in this way.
     building material
    Be sure to note the number of tubes. Somewhere there are three, and somewhere four. The guides are assembled, now we make a working tube.To do this, insert two tubes into each other, glue together, and bend in half.
     is laid perpendicularly
    We start it first under those pipes that are below.
    put two tubes
    Then cross the working tubes and grab another part of the guides.
     We start it first under those tubes
    With this weave all the base around in a circle.
    cross the working tubes
    When weaving the next circle, you need to divide the guides into pairs, alternately weaving them with working tubes.

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