• The first teaser of the series “The World of the Wild West - 2”

    The premiere of the second season of the World of the Wild West series will have to wait even longer than the new Sherlock: the show will not return to HBO before 2018. However, the producers are doing everything so that we do not forget about the insane amusement park, in which the main attraction is humanoid robots, ready to satisfy any whims of visitors (for the time being, but we will not spoil). Do not miss the first teaser, which appeared on the official website of the series in the format of "GIF". We can see a chat in which an unknown user writes: “Something went wrong. We need some help". The screen goes blank, and the alarm messages are replaced by new ones: “Everything is in order. Entertainment continues. ”

    The first teaser of the series “The World of the Wild West - 2”

    There are few other details on the second season of the “World of the Wild West” and they are all in the form of rumors. They say that not one, but several theme parks with androids are already waiting for us. Also, do not rush to say goodbye to Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) - in the new season there will be a lot of references to the past, explaining the events of the present.And the most pleasant, one of the leading roles in the sequel will be assigned to Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood).

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