• The history of Omoikiri

    For everyone who considers a kitchen sink or a faucet to be nothing more than a household necessity, it is worthwhile to take as an example products from the Japanese brand Omoikiri. Translated into Russian, the name of this company sounds like “determination”, which exactly characterizes the company's philosophy and the main reason for its rapid growth and popularization throughout the world.

    The origin of the company

    OmoikiriThe beginning of the history of the formation of the brand dates back to 1981: it was then that Kano Miura, a Japanese entrepreneur, acquired a small factory for the manufacture of stone products. In addition to the plant, the new owner got granite deposits.

    Immediately after the purchase of the plant, its total reconstruction was started. Miura also hired promising employees who have a clear understanding of advanced design and technical solutions. After the contract for the supply of corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel was concluded, it was time to start mass production.

    Already in 1983, kitchen sinks, an elegant combination of natural stone and stainless steel, entered the mass production.At that time, products of this category were rare in Japan, and therefore success did not take long to wait. Omoikiri's production was not limited to washers: in 1987, the release of mixers started.

    Omoikiri development in the market

    Very soon, namely in 1990, the Japanese company entered the international market as a result of agreements with the American and Swiss design bureaus. A remarkable collection of brass and copper sinks saw the world two years later. Three years later, Japanese plumbing could already be purchased on the American, Australian and Swiss markets.

    The source of Omoikiri’s popularity in the world is the incredible determination and perseverance of the enterprising founder of the brand. In addition, the products differed (and now differ) with an impressive design, which deserved such a massive recognition. Today, after forty years of continuous development, the company supplies its products not only within Japan, but also to twelve other countries of the world through a dealer network. High sales figures are the main sign of the quality and uniqueness of Omoikiri products, because it means that the brand has more and more fans.

    Values ​​and mission of the company

    Plumbing production is focused on solving such basic tasks as simplicity and ease of use. At the same time, the philosophy of design decisions is based on the desire to transform everyday kitchen objects into icons of style, works of art. As a result, the buyer is given the opportunity to buy at the same time practical and aesthetically attractive sanitary products.

    The creators of Omoikiri urge buyers to see the harmony of perfection in the unique kitchen items they acquire. This is especially true of car washes, the design of which seems to be inspired by nature itself. Grace, balance of proportions, smoothness and fluidity of forms - something like this can be described in the Japanese seas, lakes and rivers. Such a sink will look impressive in the kitchen, but not cumbersome, vintage, but not old, elegant and at the same time reserved.

    Omoikiri Assortment

    Absolutely all the products of the Japanese company are manufactured in Fukuoka, and more than six hundred specialists are engaged in the production. Products must undergo strict quality control during the manufacturing process.The total number of product names is 53,000 models, of which 23,000 are sinks and 30,000 are mixers.

    In particular, sinks from the Japanese brand are available in the following model ranges:

    • from copper;
    • from a stainless steel;
    • from natural granite;
    • PVD-coated in different colors.

    OmoikiriThere are various features of certain types of plumbing. For example, granite sinks are made by craftsmen by hand: skillful hands turn boulders into works of art. Metal models are supplied with a special protective coating that prevents deposits of plaque and dirt on the surface of the sink.

    Mixers are also distinguished by a number of features. This, in particular, the presence of decorative elements on the surface of products, PVD or chrome coating, variable design, and so on. In addition to sinks and faucets, the company is engaged in the production of dispensers for detergents. In other words, under the sign of the brand Omoikiri, you can purchase all the necessary elements for arranging a dishwasher corner in the kitchen.

    In addition to the fact that the materials from which products are made, become completely safe for human health after a special heat treatment, they also differ in durability and reliability.Among the Omoikiri collections one can distinguish such as Omi, Saroma, Yasugata, Akita, Tottori, Kashiwa and others.

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