• The use of peat in agriculture

    The use of peat in agricultureToday, peat is used in many areas of human activity. But, perhaps, the greatest demand is noted precisely in agriculture. Lowland and high peat is widely used as a fertilizer. However, the scope of the resource depends on its qualities.

    The scope of application of peat in agriculture.

    In agriculture, peat is used as bedding and fertilizer, for the preparation of compost and the manufacture of peat pickups, as well as for mulching fields. It should be noted that riding and lowland peat variants have significant differences in chemical properties. So horse has a lower degree of decomposition and high acidity.

    At the same time, the lowland species, on the contrary, decomposes well and is a rich source of nitrogenous compounds. High ash content and low acidity of lowland peat allows using the resource as a natural fertilizer. Riding - excellently passes air and holds water.These qualities allow it to be used in greenhouses as a nutrient substrate.

    Along with expanded clay, high-moor peat is used as a substrate for growing plants using hydroponics. It should be noted that the claydite also passes air well and is able to retain moisture for a long time. In addition, the price of expanded clay with delivery is much lower compared to other substrates for hydroponics.

    The advantages of using peat as a fertilizer.

    Peat is widely used in agriculture, but the greatest value of the resource lies in the possibility of using it as a fertilizer. Thus, it is possible to identify the main advantages of lowland and riding:

    • After treatment with peat, the soil begins to pass more air and retains water better.
    • Peat perfectly enriches the soil with organic and mineral nutrients.
    • Fertilizer has the properties of natural antiseptics, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and fungi.
    • Peat makes it possible to regulate the acidity of the soil.

    Where can I buy peat?

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