• Tip 2: Pregnancy and flight - can expectant mothers on a plane?

    Expectant mothers also have to make flights on an airplane. This may be due to work or the long-awaited vacation planned before pregnancy, which you do not want to cancel.
    Pregnancy and flight - can expectant mothers on a plane?

    Before you go on a trip, you first need to think about how you will transfer the flight. As a rule, in the first months of pregnancy, many people endure being in the air quite well and without any complications or unpleasant feelings. However, you should consult with your doctor, because if there is a threat of miscarriage, a change in pressure in the plane can lead to undesirable consequences that pose a threat to both the child and the mother herself. Even if the pregnancy is going well, you need to think about whether the flight will not be stressful, because fears and stress can lead to premature birth.
    If the decision is made not to refuse the flight, it is necessary to ensure maximum comfort on the way. To do this, choose a place where it will be spacious - as a rule, this is the first row or the places at the emergency exits. In the presence of money it is better to give preference to the business class. Please note that choosing places in the tail of an airplane will make you feel more turbulent, which can negatively affect the fetus and your well-being. During the flight, try to move more - get up, when there is an opportunity, change the position in the seat. To avoid swelling, you can use special tights.
    During the flight, an air-conditioning and ventilation system is constantly working on the plane, which causes the nasal mucosa to dry up and a runny nose and an unpleasant sore throat. To avoid this, drink more water without fear of edema.
    Before buying tickets, read the rules of the airline, because some airlines do not take on board women who have a gestation period of more than 36 weeks. For a period of 30 to 36 weeks, a doctor's certificate may be required, as well as the signing of a guarantee obligation, providing for your responsibility for the consequences of the flight, and not the airline.
    If during the flight something went wrong - immediately inform the flight attendant. If necessary, an ambulance will meet you at the airport of arrival.
    The most important thing is to tune in to fly positively, and then the time on the plane will pass unnoticed, and you will receive pleasant emotions from the trip.

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