• Tips for choosing a good pot for a child

    If your baby has grown up, and you have decided to buy a pot for it, then you are certainly looking for information on how to choose it. Find out all the features, nuances and important points of such an acquisition.

    What could be a baby pot?

    There are the following types of children's pots:

    • A standard pot is a round shaped container. Such models appeared first, and they were released tens of years ago, but they are sold and remain in demand to this day.
    • Anatomical pot configuration is similar to the standard, but has some distinctive features that allow to take into account the physiology of the child. Thus, the model may have the form of a certain saddle with a low projection-back in the back and with a streamlined separator for the legs in the front. In such a pot, the child is conveniently located and securely fixed, which reduces the likelihood of falling or collapsing to the side.
    • A pot with a step in the front part usually has the anatomical shape described in the previous paragraph, but is supplemented with a protrusion in front.When the baby gets up, his legs are on this step, and thus hold the tank and fix it, reducing the likelihood of tipping and spilling. This is very convenient, especially for parents who monitor cleanliness.
    • Pot-chair looks like a miniature chair with a comfortable back. The child comfortably rests on it and sits. Moreover, the capacity in which all the waste products of the baby are collected is usually removable: it is easy to remove it for emptying and washing, and then return it to its original place.
    • The toy pot can be made in the form of a typewriter, a motorcycle with a steering wheel, an animal, an insect or a bird, or a cartoon character. In the front there is usually an elevation with arms, for which the child can hold. The kid will certainly appreciate such an acquisition, but will not use it for its intended purpose, being distracted by the games.
    • The musical pot emits sounds or melodies that usually sound when the container is filled after the sensor is triggered. Perhaps the baby will like this “device”, but he most likely will not be able to focus on the main task, for which he sat on the pot.
    • On sale you can find modern innovations - transforming pots, which combine several functions. Such an item can play the role of an ordinary pot, stool with a stool container or even a toilet stand.
    • Camping or folding pot has a folding plastic base and disposable liners. When a child pees or pokes, you can simply throw away the filled bag and fold the frame, putting it in the trunk of a car or even a bag.
    • There are inflatable pots that are suitable for travel or travel. In the blown-out form, the product has compact dimensions, so it easily fits into a travel bag or suitcase. In an inflated form it turns into a soft seat with a groove. You can use such models in hotels or hotels that do not have conditions for staying with children, as well as during outdoor trips.
    • A separate type can be considered a child seat on the toilet, which is fixed on the subject of plumbing and allows a child aged 4-5 years to get used to adulthood and independence. Such a model has a seat adapted for a small children's priests, fixed on the rim of a toilet bowl, a low back and armrests, and can also be equipped with a footrest or steps.

    How to make the right choice?

    How to choose a pot for a small child? Pay attention to the following points:

    1. Dimensions. It is clear that a one-year-old baby will be approached by a small pot, and more adult - a suitable size. But it is worth assessing the individual parameters. The first is the diameter of the hole. If it is too small, the edges will press on the legs and the ass, causing discomfort. The second parameter is the size of the base: the bigger it is, the more stable the pot.
    2. Material. Most modern models are made of plastic, but it must be safe and high quality. On sale until now you can find metal "night vases", but this is not the best option, because the material is heavy and cold, which will give the child discomfort.
    3. Color and design. You probably will be tempted to buy for your child a bright pot, generously decorated with cute drawings. But this should not be done: superfluous details and rich tones will distract the crumb from the main task, attracting attention and forcing to examine the patterns. The accessory should have an extremely simple design without catchy and colorful prints.Optimal colors - calm and light, for example, light pink, blue, sand, pale yellow, peach. One small drawing is allowed, for example, an image of a fairytale character or an animal.
    4. Age restrictions. Bona fide manufacturers indicate on the label the age of the child for whom the product is intended. And this figure affects the size, shape, performance of the pot.
    5. Useful add-ons. The pot may have a lid that will close the container after each use, which is convenient if the toddler goes alone to the toilet at night, and the parents do not pour out the contents at once. The accessory can be equipped with a soft elastic seat, which increases comfort. There are also models with antimicrobial coatings, treated with compounds that destroy bacteria. But whether or not there is an effect is unknown. In addition, pathogenic microorganisms will not multiply if the pot is regularly washed with an antibacterial agent.


    Finally, advice to parents who have not yet decided on the choice of the pot. First, experts believe that when choosing such an accessory, it is necessary to take into account the sex of the child.And if girls are suitable for almost any model, then due to their anatomical features, it is better for boys to buy oval-shaped pots with protruding dividers for the legs in front. The future man will not experience discomfort due to squeezing of the genitals, and the limiter will protect the surrounding area from splashing.

    Secondly, it is worth remembering about the main purpose of the pot. He must perform only one function in order for the child to understand why such an object is needed and how to use it. Modern "fancy" music and having bright design accessories distract from the main business and are perceived as toys and entertainment items. As a result, the baby simply does not understand what his parents want from him.

    Thirdly, it is advisable to inspect the pot when buying. It should not have any chips, scratches, protruding and scratching elements. If you buy an accessory for a child of two or three years old, you can take it with you to the store and ask to “try on” the item, that is, sit on it (of course, without taking off the panties).

    Using the information received, you can buy the best pot for your baby.

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