• Tips for choosing the perfect sandals

    With the arrival of summer, women, rejoicing in the real hot days, hastily change their shoes to light, bright sandals. They especially emphasize the beauty of women's legs, demonstrating their harmony, as well as a stylish pedicure.

    But often in the pursuit of fashion, the fair sex change comfort for trends. But the doctors have long confirmed that the wrong shoes can cause real harm to the body. To prevent this from happening, we have prepared for you some important tips that will make your purchase a success.

    The right model is a guarantee of comfort.

    Before you get summer shoes out of your closet or go for fashionable clothes, you should first pay attention to the condition of your feet. Even the most beautiful and expensive sandals will fade against the background of untidy pedicure and unkempt heels. Therefore, first of all, take care of the beauty of the body, and when everything is ready, safely go for shopping.

    How to choose sandals dreams? To begin, pay attention to several important components of their tailoring.

    1. Material. The most durable and comfortable care is genuine leather.In addition, such shoes always look very expensive and respectable. Another significant advantage of this material is that your legs will “breathe”, and, therefore, no unpleasant smell, corns and sores will appear.
    2. Heel. Perhaps this is the most favorite part for women, but at the same time the most dangerous. Orthopedists say that in order to determine its ideal height, at which the legs and back will not get tired, you need to divide the length of the foot by 7.
    3. Sock. It would seem that everything here depends on fashion, but no. In fact, the shape of the sock is of paramount importance. In open sandals with a narrow front part, the fingers are likely to stick around ugly, and in models with a closed nose too shrink. This can lead to deformation. The wide front part allows you to freely move your fingers and ensure normal blood circulation in the legs, preventing wicking.
    4. Back and instep. If the summer shoe has a backing, it must be tough. This will help to securely fix the leg, not allowing it to slip and turn. The presence of the instep is a significant advantage, as it makes the process of walking comfortable, and does not allow flatfoot to develop.
    5. Finish Carefully inspect all seams and stitches.Sagging stitches or unfinished seam may soon become a significant problem. Moreover, such defects in the conditions of the summer heat will quickly turn your walk into real flour, rubbing the skin.

    Forget about all sorts of promotions, bonuses and discounts. Thus, you can purchase several pairs of absolutely unsuitable and inconvenient models that will gather dust in your closet.

    Useful recommendations

    In order not to regret the money spent and gladly wear your new clothes, listen to simple but very important tips. The physiological features of the structure of the legs in women require a special approach when choosing sandals.

    1. Girls with thin ankles fit models with straps that twist around the leg in the area of ​​recovery.
    2. Those who are not rewarded by nature with beautiful shins should not be upset, all that is needed is to look for shoes with ribbons that will hide the flaws.
    3. Wide leg requires a closed toe. If in such you will be hot, choose a model with a small hole through which one or two fingers will be visible.
    4. Girls with curvaceous should be wary of heels.Too high or very low can make the figure visually even more disproportionate. The best option is a platform or wedge. Firstly, they are stable, and secondly, they balance out outstanding forms. But the greater the weight of the ladies, the more massive the platform should be.
    5. For those who are embarrassed by the shape of the toes, they can divert attention from them with their eye-catching décor - flowers or volumetric accessories.
    6. Women of medium and high growth can afford low-speed shoes. If your legs are notable for their enviable slimness, Roman sandals with many straps will look beautiful.

    Dress and summer shoes - the most successful combinations

    In summer, women prefer to wear the most free and comfortable clothes, so dresses and sundresses rank first on this list. But in order to make the image really easy, you should correctly choose shoes.

    Choosing sandals to dress, base your choice, primarily on the color of clothing. Shoes and outfit should be harmoniously combined in shades. If you want the sandals to be universal, and fit not just one outfit, buy a model in white or beige.Black with flying and flowing fabrics will look too rough.

    It is also important to properly maintain style.

    1. To a simple sundress, in which you go to the city on business or even to work, fit the model on a low stable heel or flat sole.
    2. If the dress code requires a strict office style, providing for classic models of dresses, then choose a model of sandals with a closed toe on a low heel.
    3. Those who want to create a delicate, romantic image should complement their onions with models of pastel colors from textiles or leather sandals with elegant thin straps.
    4. Casual, military and recent rustic style allow you to put on leather models with raw edges, as well as metal decor.
    5. Sandals with high heels or wedges will be suitable for solemn outings. Look great models of gold and silver colors.

    Sandals are the perfect summer shoes, but choosing between beauty and comfort, remember that the most beautiful woman is the one who walks easily and confidently!

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