• To dream of an oak tree - dream book

    Oak personifies reliability, stability, strength of family and friendly relations. The oak grove shows that there are people in your immediate environment who are always ready to help and support you in all your endeavors. Oak dream is a good sign, unless the tree is broken.

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    Dream oak
    Dream oak

    Dream Dream Thelomena

    Powerful green oak promises good health and a long happy life. However, if the tree is broken or dried - then your current desires and plans are not feasible. Broken oak sometimes portends unpleasant and unexpected news.

    Oak, dotted with acorns, promises wealth and prosperity. The young trees planted by you promise a new high-paying job or starting a business that will bring you considerable profit.

    Rest in a dream under an oak tree or on its branches warns that you will soon need the support of a friend or the help of an influential person.

    Family Dream

    An oak tree that has dreamed of a married woman means the reliability of her marriage.He testifies that her spouse has a stable income and is able to provide for his family.

    Oak Grove - a symbol of success in business and increase revenue. An even greater improvement in well-being is promised by an acorn-covered oak tree.

    Lovers can begin to prepare for the wedding, if in a dream one of them saw an oak tree. Such a marriage will be strong and happy. Young oak trees promise strong, healthy offspring.

    If in a dream you saw a pig under an oak eating acorns, then in reality you would most likely quickly and irrationally spend the wealth that fell on you. For businessmen, such a dream means the loss of a significant part of the profits due to the stupidity or theft of employees.

    Female dream book

    To dream of an oak is to have a wealthy life partner or lover. Oak - a symbol of stability of relations and the personification of material well-being.

    Many acorns scattered under the feet and hanging on the branches of oak, promise to make a profit. Planting an oak tree means starting a new business, which will bring considerable revenue in the future.

    A withered tree may indicate unfulfilled desires regarding the improvement of material conditions.You may be denied the salary increase you expected.

    Dream interpretation of the XXI century

    Oak - a symbol of good health and longevity. A dried-up tree warns about the imminent parting with people close to you. Hiding under the oak from rain and wind means avoiding great danger thanks to the help of an influential patron.

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