• Tom Hardy becomes a supervillain in the Venom trailer

    Tom Hardy returns to the big screen with the blockbuster "Venom", which - if you love the Marvel comics - definitely should not be missed. We are waiting for the story of journalist Eddie Brock (the same one Peter Parker exposed). An alien creature inhabits his body - the Venom parasite, which was invented back in 1988. Eddie acquires unprecedented abilities, but at the same time changes forever, becoming a ruthless monster.

    Spider-Man, we are in the trailer, which just appeared on the web, we do not see (it is rumored that he will appear in the film, but this is unlikely), but we will learn the story of the establishment of the supervillain - so far frightened and driven by the police of San Francisco. The film also starred Michelle Williams, Reese Ahmed and Woody Harrelson. Curiously, the first trailer did not cause the admiration of Marvel fans, they were annoyed by the lack of frames with Venom and noticed that Eddie Brock's convulsions during the MRI are rather comical rather than intolerable. In any case, you need to wait for the premiere and form your own opinion. In our hire "Venom" - in October.

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