• Top 10 most discussed celebrity weddings in 2014

    When celebrities marry, it always attracts ordinary people and, of course, the paparazzi. And some stars are not averse to sharing their happiness literally with the whole world. But others, on the contrary, are trying in every possible way to hide such an important event from prying eyes. And yet, some weddings did not go unnoticed in 2014.

    Top 10 most discussed star weddings of 2014:

    1. Perhaps one of the most anticipated, discussed and, oddly enough, unexpected weddings can be called a weddingAngelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. These two have been together for nine years and are raising 6 children, but they decided to legalize their relationship only in 2014. The ceremony took place at the Chateau Miraval family estate in France. This choice was made by chance, to celebrate the wedding precisely there Angelina promised her deceased mother. Everything went quietly and modestly, only the closest were present at the wedding (there were 22 guests in total). The treats were not at all festive, the newly-made spouses decided to limit themselves to simple homemade dishes. Special attention deserved outfit Jolie.She chose a feminine and at the same time modest and laconic silk dress with a train. And the veil of the bride was decorated with children's drawings. In addition, the children of the couple took an active part in the ceremony: The daughters of Vivienne and Zachary threw petals in front of Angelina, the sons of Pax and Maddox accompanied her along the road to the altar, and Knox and Shiloh carried the rings.
    2. WeddingKanye West and Kim Kardashianperhaps the most expensive. And although the spent sum was not announced, but it literally screamed that there was an incredible amount of money spent. Thus, according to the most modest estimates, the African-American bench mark and singer spent about 2.8 million dollars. About 200 guests were invited to the wedding, among them, of course, the most famous ones. Kim managed to change three outfits, but to the altar she walked in a chic dress from the fashion house "Givenchy" with a train, open back and long sleeves. First, Kanye and Kim celebrated the event in Paris, and then, together with all the guests, traveled to Florence by private jets. The newlyweds exchanged rings at the Fort de Bellver Palace. Rent this historic building of the XVI century cost $ 400 thousand.In general, everything went gorgeously, everyone was satisfied and amazed by the chic splendor.
    3. An avid bachelor and sex symbol of HollywoodGeorge Clooney, finally, lost his status and bound himself by marriage to a lawyerAmal Alamuddin. The secret ceremony, which was attended by only the closest, was held in a small cathedral in Rome, and conducted by her friend Clooney - Walter Veltroni, who is the former mayor of the Italian capital. But the next day the newly married couple celebrated such an important event with a real scale in one of the most luxurious hotels in Venice. They and George's parents arrived in vintage boats. Among the guests were such stars as Cindy Crawford, Bono, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and many others. After the solemn ceremony, everyone went to the table and began to taste Italian dishes and raise glasses for the health and happiness of the young.
    4. Famous actor and presenterMarat Basharovfinally decided to legalize his relationship with his beloved, who becameEkaterina Arkharova. Previously, no one was able to take Marat to the registry office, and this is one of the reasons why the marriage became so sensational.The couple came to the marriage palace in a chic white cabriolet, at the wheel of which Basharov himself sat. The bride's dress was rather modest, but the ceremony went according to all traditions. After painting the couple went for a walk around Moscow, and then they arrived at a restaurant where the celebration continued. Catherine's parents handed a pretty weighty envelope as a gift to the newlyweds. But the second reason for discussions and rumors is, unfortunately, not the happiest and scandalous sequel. Literally three months later, the spouse appeared in front of the public with bruises and said that she was beaten by Marat. Details are not clear, but Catherine filed for divorce.
    5. In the list of the loudest weddings there is one not quite ordinary, or rather unconventional. SingerElton Johnwho have long admitted to their gay orientation, finally, was able to officially register their relationship, because, to his happiness, same-sex marriages became possible. Elton and his belovedDavid Furnishstarted dating in 2005 and even raise two sons, but could only get married in 2014. First, Elton John posted on his page on Instagram his photo of invitations, then photos from the very celebration, which show how happy these two are.
    6. Many in 2014 talked about the weddingMary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy(this is the younger brother of the former president of France). In general, this pair could not fail to attract. Some did not understand how young and attractive Olsen could pay attention to the inconspicuous Olivier. And no one believed in the seriousness of their relationship. But after the published photographs from the walk of the lovers, on whom Mary-Kate had a wedding ring on her ring finger, everyone began to think how, when and where the wedding took place. At the ceremony there were only a few people.
    7. In 2014 the star of the series "Gossip Girl" was marriedLeighton Meesterand no less popular actorAdam brody. These young people all happened very quickly. It would seem that quite recently they began to meet, but just a few months later Brodie made a proposal to her beloved, and a little later the engagement took place. Pull the couple did not, but decided to make the wedding a secret. It was possible to learn about it from a photo of a hen party and rings. And yet it is very interesting to many how everything went.
    8. In 2014, the singer and actress got engaged.Jessica simpsonand former player of the national football league USAEric Johnson. They already have two children (daughter two years old, and her son one year old), but the marriage took place only 4 years after the beginning of the relationship (Jessica and Eric began dating in 2010). For both, marriage was the second, but surely happy and last, since everything went at the highest level. The daughter of the newlyweds was throwing flower petals, and the son was holding a cushion with rings. Among the guests were seen the most famous stars.
    9. Member of the once popular group "Backstreet Boys"Nick Carterwho always insisted that he never enter into a formal marriage, broke his promise and married an actressLauren kitt, which could turn from a friend into a beloved and win the heart of an avid bachelor. The marriage ceremony was modest, but very beautiful. Against the background of white and purple colors, the newly-wed spouses looked very harmonious and literally glowed with happiness.
    10. In 2014 she marriedPolina Gagarina. Her spouse became a famous photographerDmitry Iskhakov. The wedding took place on September 9, the anniversary of their acquaintance. For the singer, the marriage was the second, she brings up her son Andrew. Young decided to sign on a weekday, so as not to attract attention.After the official part, Dmitry and Polina with relatives and relatives went to one of the metropolitan restaurants.

    These were the most talked about weddings of 2014.

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