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    The transport mechanism is Simaudio's own, all on the same four-point floating suspension with gel filler. External equipment also coincides with the fact that it has a 650D (or, considering the history of the devices, the latter was made in the tracks of the 750D without any limitation of functionality), - four digital inputs, including USB in asynchronous mode and two digital outputs, balanced and unbalanced S / PDIF. The case is the same, brutally sophisticated, all-aluminum and very heavy, like the aluminum remote control. On a large eight-character LCD display, the juicy red color that is traditional for Simaudio displays timing and other useful information. It is interesting that another version is available for this player under the order - with a blue display and a different color of the case, but it will cost as much as 30,000 rubles. expensive.


    Included as it is, directly to the network, the Simaudio Moon 750D showed a very similar sound to the younger model: neat, slightly curled at the very top of the HF, artistically slightly blurred outlines of sounds, soft, not exaggerated resolution with excellent plans and carefully written instrumental lines.As far as can be judged by the correspondence comparison of both devices, the Moon 750D has a somewhat greater detail and purity, including a bass register and a dense middle in orchestral records. Dynamic peaks in the most large-scale canvases are still peculiar to some non-ideals of reproduction. The most interesting and informative in this test happened when we connected (or, on our favorite slang, audiophiles “fed”) the 750th through a high-level IsoTek Super Titan network filter, at a cost approaching the price of the player. There was a surprise. Instead of the “pearly” romantic manner, a completely different picture was drawn. There was a sharpness of supply for those instruments in which it is claimed (we think that correctness is a good replacement for “elegiac”).


    Due to the intensification of energy and attacks, instruments similar in tone became much better to distinguish, the violins had fairly faithful texture, roughness and emotional pressure. Completely left blur on the pedals of the organ and in low bass parts, the slight flaws (bouncing) of tempo-rhythm in small rhythmic structures and fast fragments were smoothed out.The music literally shook off the "charms of the moon", came to life, breathed and pulsed. I was pleased with the sharp and cold, sharply sparkling percussion in those tracks where it is written that way. With the surge protector it turned out to be an excellent group of brass, a little darkish, but very dense and saturated, body-metal. By the degree of influence on the sound in our system, the IsoTek Super Titan connection far surpassed the change of network, interconnect and speaker cables, and the changes were always with a plus sign. The only thing that has been preserved with the surge protector is the restrained sympathies of Moon 750D for hard musical genres: rock, metal, alternative. Nevertheless, the basic character can be noticeably leveled, but it cannot be removed altogether. Yes, and do not, perhaps, - the corporate vision of sound should be respected.


    In conclusion, it should be noted that the price of this player seems high against the background of such a very good option, like Simaudio Moon 650D. Or, if you like, here we are dealing with a case where the younger version is made very qualitatively and is not much inferior to the older one in terms of sound, but in terms of functionality is simply identical.

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