• Trays in refrigerators worn out

    I have a point in the market for the sale of chicken meat. Over the years of use, the trays in which the meat is placed are worn out and have a non-salable, untidy appearance. Advise how to give a neat look? All the same contact with food. The trays are not standard size and finding a replacement was not easy. How to be?
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    Answered 24 april 10:20
    What brand of refrigerator do you have? Try to contact the service center, perhaps they can buy a replacement set of trays. Or you can order.
    Answered 24 april 10:27
    Author, what city are you in? For example, in Moscow, you can order the manufacture of plastic trays to order the size you need, in the right quantity, so that it is convenient to remove and wash, see if it is geographically suitable. I wanted to order these myself for seedlings, but my husband persuaded not to plant this year, but buy.
    Answered on April 24, 10:34
    Plastic trays become unusable due to the fact that the juice from the meat eats them,and cleaning is done only once a day. As an exit, try replacing with glass if you find suitable ones or wash them more often.

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