• Treat Dead Pixels

    You bought a monitor, a TV or a laptop and one or several dead pixels appeared on the screen, then until the warranty has expired, you can try to contact the service center for repair your device. If enough time has passed since the purchase, then I will show you some simple ways to restore the pixels yourself. Without getting into the deepest details, a pixel is the microdot of which the LCD matrix consists. A broken pixel is a point on the screen that simply ceased to shine (to transmit light). Although the black microdot is almost invisible from the side, when you watch videos closely, it still draws attention to itself, which causes a little discomfort. Treatment of dead pixels
    Pixels are incredibly small and the higher the screen resolution of your device, the worse they are noticeable. To find them, you can use a special utility, such asDead Pixel Testeror any other designed for your device.

    Ways to cure broken pixels

    There are no ways to restore dead pixels so much.I also want to immediately note that you use all actions absolutely at your own peril and risk.
    • Software.
    • Mechanical.
    • Alternative - combined.

    Software method of pixel recovery

    So, the software method is the safest and doesn’t require practically anything from you. Download a utility likeJScreenFix,Bad Crystalor another. Run the program on the computer. It opens in a separate window and generates high-frequency oscillations for the pixels. Heading this window onto a section with broken pixels and leaving it for 20 minutes.
    Treatment of broken pixels
    Those who restored the monitor with this program say that the first 10 minutes are enough for the black dots to work again. If this did not help, proceed to more dangerous actions.

    Mechanical pixel recovery method

    Turning off the monitor. Plot with a broken pixel cover with a damp cloth or towel. Next, take a sharp object like a blunted pencil and press it with a little effort on the pixel
    Cure Dead Pixels
    Hold for 2-3 seconds and release. Treatment of broken pixels In some cases it works perfectly. Turn on the monitor - check. If it does not help, take a thicker object and press on the patch with a bitmix pixel. We press and turn on the monitor. Let go of the effort. You can try different variations: turn on the monitor and press, turn off, press, turn on and so on. When the matrix is ​​launched, there are processes that can start the point to work.
    Treatment of broken pixels

    Alternative method - combined

    If all of the above does not help, use an alternative method that includes everything at once: We hang a wet napkin.
    Cure broken pixels
    Start the pixel recovery program.
    Treatment of dead pixels
    And during its work we make periodic pressure on the faulty area with a tip first.
    Treatment of dead pixels
    Healing Dead Pixels
    And then with a blunt end,working on the whole plot.
    Treatment of dead pixels
    Of course, no one will give a 100% guarantee that your monitor will again be like new, but still worth a try. Especially considering a good percentage of recovery. Personally, my monitor has completely recovered and all black dots have disappeared.
    Treatment of broken pixels
    The LCD is a liquid crystal matrix with a liquid inside. All the manipulations given above are designed to act on this fluid within each pixel and make it re-contact with the general control.

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