• Unique technology available to every woman.

    If you are a woman in 30, then you, for sure, it's time to get acquainted with such innovative technology of rejuvenation as face mesotherapy. The feedback of people who have already used this technique suggests that this is one of the most effective and fastest procedures for rejuvenation. It is the introduction under the skin of small doses of mezokokteyl, which consists of the concentration of several drugs.

    The introduction is by injection, very thin and short needles to a depth of one and a half to 6 mm. This cocktail can be used to improve any part of the body, but most often patients want to change the face. And this is not surprising, because we pay attention to the face when we first meet a person. We do not know who he is and what his character is, but we judge, however, by appearances.

    For women, the desire to be beautiful is peculiar, she, in fact, was created in order to decorate the world. Therefore, if you are faced with such problems as wrinkles, post-operative scars and scars, broken pigmentation, cellulitis, swelling, etc.,P., do not give up, because all this is solved by our experts.

    The main advantage of mesotherapy is that cocktail preparations act only in a problem place, not falling into the blood. Thus, you are free from the risk of various side effects, infections, inflammations and infections. The recovery period after such intervention is also absent, so immediately after the first session you can merge into the normal rhythm of life. And the redness and swelling after injections disappears in an hour.

    Despite the local effect of the drugs, they act from the inside, as other anti-aging methods (creams, serums, peels and polishing) have a short surface effect. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular components of the mezokokteyl. It nourishes the skin cells, starts an active process of metabolism in the dermis and regeneration of the skin. You do not just mask the skin, but treat and correct its structure. In one fell swoop you solve skin problems, cleanse the body, reduce the fat content of the skin, improve the vascular network of small capillaries and tighten flabby skin.

    How many procedures are needed for a full effect? The number of injections is strictly individual for each. The full course of mesotherapy is usually ten sessions, but depending on the problem, you can use only five. Your attending specialist will prescribe you the necessary period of treatment. Also a popular technique is rejuvenation with the help of mesothreads. This service is also provided by our center.

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